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At the moment…

As of this moment in time, The Fates’ video of Skyscraper has had over 52,000 views. This is really wonderful. Thanks to all of my fans for passing it on. The Fates have a new video which will go up in the next few days.  They are really starting to get some momentum. I am obviously […]

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To all my fans….

David has read your comments and answers some of your questions. From the bottom of my heart to all of my fans, Many of you have been generous and supportive of me for days, weeks, months, years and believe it or not, decades. It is a privilege, not just good fortune, to have so many […]

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Search the site

There is a new search feature for the website. It is located on the left hand side, under the calendar, near the archives at the bottom. Just type a term in there and hit enter. There is no “submit” button to click on.  

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August 6, 2011

David performed at the 8th Annual Summer Paw Picnic, Waldorf Farm, North Chatham NY. The event was to support the work of the Columbia-Greene Humane Society. They are dedicated to the protection, humane treatment, and well being of all animals and are committed to community outreach, humane education and prevention of cruelty to animals. They […]

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Interview on Star 101.3

David was interviewed on Star 101.3 radio on August 5th at Saratoga Race Track. The staff at Star 101.3 have kindly provided the audio of David’s interview. Listen to David Cassidy’s interview

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