FAQ and Unsolicited Submission Policy


 Q. I have a project for Mr. Cassidy, can I submit it through this website?

A. We sincerely apologize, but we are unable to accept any unsolicited materials, ideas or pitches through this website.

Q. I have a great venue that I know David and the band should play, so can I send you the information?

A. David and the band would be happy to play at your venue! But the venue must make the offer directly. Please feel free to contact your local venue and ask their booking representative to reach out to MPI, David’s booking agent.

Q. I have a personal question I would like to ask David. May I send it here?

A. David would be happy to answer all his fan’s question, but it would be physically impossible to do that. The best way to ask a question is to post it to David’s Facebook page.

Q. David is playing a concert and I would like to know if I can get in to the meet and greet please?

A. Unfortunately meet and greets are not arranged through this website. Please contact your local venue and check their individual policies.

Q. I am a member of the press and I would like to interview David Cassidy, where should I email my request?

A. All legitimate journalists may use the MPI contact.


Unsolicited Submission Policy:

As a general practice, DBC Media and DavidCassidy.com, does not accept unsolicited material. Any unsolicited pitches, outlines, scripts, treatments, etc. will be discarded and will not be read. The purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstandings if your original work seems similar to any future projects since many works and submissions are based on the same or similar ideas. Please note, if you choose to disregard this policy and submit materials regardless, you acknowledge that you have read the DBCMedia/DavidCassidy.com submission policy and understand that by making such a submission, you understand that no one involved with DBC Media, DavidCassidy.com or anyone associated with the organization has any obligation to you or your submission and that you have no claim whatsoever based on such submission.

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