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David Cassidy/Partridge Family Rarities

Released: 1982 on SG Records Catalog number: 007-008

Rarities LP cover.

This two-record set, was sold as a 31-song set but in fact it has 32 songs! Even more if you count the songs in each medley! It was sold by a store called Goin' Back Enterprises in Hawaii. Originally, the set was advertised as having unreleased tracks, interviews and other rarities. It came in a plain white cover with an inaccurate xeroxed sheet as the cover. It consisted of songs from Cassidy Live!, Christmas Card and various Partridge Family songs. The only so-called rarities on it were If I Didn't Care, Frozen Noses, All I Wanna Do Is Touch You, and Strengthen My Love (a song David sang on the 1977 Partridge Family/My Three Sons Reunion shown on ABC).

The set comprises two LP's, one with a green label and the other with an orange label. Both LP's have "GLC" and "Great Live Concerts" written on the labels. Side 2 Orange label contains David's songs that made it to the charts in the 70's. Each song is introduced with details about the song and it's position on the charts.

The following is a list of songs as listed on each record. The actual contents are included in italics.

Side 1 Green label

1. It's Preying On My Mind
2. Some Kind of Summer
3. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
4. Bali Hai/Mai
5. I Am A Clown
6. Delta Lady
7. Strengh' in My Love Strengthen My Love

Side 2 Green label

1. Please Please Me
2. Daydreamer
3. For What It's Worth
4. How Can I Be Sure
In fact songs 3 and 4 are in the wrong order in this list!
5. CC Rider/Jenny Jenny
6. 50's Rock Medley

Side 1 Orange label

1. Frozen Noses
2. My Christmas Card To You
White Christmas is also on this record but not listed on the cover!
3. Santa Claus Is Coming
4. Blue Christmas
5. Jingle Bells
6. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
7. Winter Wonderland
8. Frosty The Snowman
9. All I Wanna Do Is Touch You

Side 2 Orange label

1. Cherish
2. Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
3. Daydreamer
4. Please Please Me
5. Blind Hope
6. If I Didn't Care
7. How Can I Be Sure
8. I Think I Love You
9. Rock Me Baby

Note that three songs are included twice. The first version are on Side 2 Green label and from Cassidy Live! and the second version are on side 2 Orange label that contains David's hit singles.

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