Latest news – Feb 22, 2017

David has asked us to thank the many fans that have sent messages of love and support.


David has been interviewed by People Magazine. The article titled: “My Battle With Dementia” will be in the March 6th edition.

David’s interview with Dr Phil will air on March 1st.

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MESSAGE TO FANS – February 7, 2017

After reading the messages sent to him over the last few days, David sends this message to his fans:

I will always be eternally grateful for the love and support you’ve shown me. I still love very much to play and perform live. But it’s much more difficult for me now.

 I’m not going to vanish or disappear forever. I’ll be able to communicate much more through my website and my Facebook page. As you can imagine this has been truthfully THE MOST DIFFICULT DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

 I’m eternally grateful to each and every single one of you.

 I’m going to play live, everywhere around North America, through 2017. I hope you will find a way to come and be part of my celebration!



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MESSAGE TO FANS – February 3, 2017

I’ve spent months contemplating this decision to retire at the end of this year. But I will still do a number of concerts this Year in 2017! I believe I owe that to my fans and also to my second family, the members of my band. They’ve been there for many years with me. They’re all fantastic musicians and wonderful friends to me.

This has been a very difficult decision for me that nobody can possibly understand. 49 YEARS of doing concerts!!!

Too all who’ve loved my work and that have been there for me, I want to be able to show my gratitude and awareness of your care and support. So…. I will continue to speak with my friend Jane who has helped me for years now with my website and my Facebook page. I’m not going to just disappear! I’m just no longer going to fly and play and travel and fly and play again etc.

God Bless you all and I hope you’ll come and see me in concert in my final year! I love what you’ve all given me with your magnificent support for decades.

Happy Trails to you. XO


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February Shows & David’s message

David has 3 shows this month:

February 17, 2017 – Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas, NV.

February 18, 2017 – Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA

February 19, 2017 – Santa Barbara Performing Arts Center, CA.

David’s message to fans:

The February 18th & 19th shows will be the last 2 shows that I ever do on the West Coast of the USA. Traveling and my arthritis has certainly made these cross country shows much more difficult for me now. As most of you know, I live very happily in South Florida as it makes my life much more manageable.

What a remarkable, long-lived career I have been blessed to have. I love my band, whom are all very gifted, as friends. Most have now been with me for years, performing around the world and of course mostly here in the USA and Canada. Of course, I’m planning on working less and less due to travel. However, I’ve never loved playing live in concert as much as I have in the past few years. This for me has been almost like a drug! My audience reactions and phenomenal support have made it so sweet and gratifying. I could never repay the love and the reward I get from all my fans from around the world.

This is not a complete “Good bye” but I’m planning on working much less. But… Damn DO I LOVE IT!! And to all of you everywhere in the world. Happy Trails. XO. DC.



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Media Alert – Thursday, January 12, 2017

The segment David Cassidy taped for The Doctors TV show is set to air THURSDAY, JANUARY 12TH.

To find the time and station the episode will air in your city, you can input your zip code into The Doctors Homepage at

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