To my fans

I’m writing to let you know what’s new in my life.

I am going through bankruptcy proceedings at the moment. I wanted to let you know personally. This is necessary for practical reasons to reorganize my life as I go through divorce and to restructure my finances.

Teri Coté has decided to move onto other artistic work and will no longer be playing with me. Teri is a very fine artist. She is an extremely talented musician, a tremendous drummer! All of us in the band love her and have enjoyed working with her. I wish her every success in her future endeavors.

Craig J and I will begin recording new material in April. We will be recording a few songs that I love and that he loves. One song will be Night & Day, a Cole Porter song.

Finally, I wanted to say that I love Beau and miss him as he now lives on the other side of the country. I am very proud of him as a person. Beau is a tremendous human being, a very caring person. I’m not just being a biased parent, many people tell me that.

Happy Trails,


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A message from David

When David was told of the campaign, organised by a number of fans from around the world, to have him inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he said:

Thank you, I appreciate your love and support for me.

They’ll NEVER let me into the R&R Hall of Fame. I’m too pop. So many TRULY GREAT pop artists will never be in. I’ve never cared about awards. It’s more gratifying to me that my fans love what I do.

On another note, my band and I have had an amazing time being daring and doing unusual materials that we’ve not ever done before. I think I’m going to continue to push the envelope a little more in my next few shows. We shall see.


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Concert Photos/Reviews

12 year old Bobby G says “I went to see David Cassidy at B.B. Kings in New York City and I thought the show was great!” Read more

Kevin, Donna, Yvonne,  Stephanie, Sue and Ann have sent in some wonderful photos to share with other fans. See them here.



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January 2015

David has a busy January! He is looking forward to playing some of his favorite songs at some of his favorite venues.

January 9, 2015         State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

January 10, 2015       B.B. King Blues Club, New York, NY

January 11, 2015       The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA

January 16, 2015       Jazziz Night Life, Boca Raton, FL

January 24, 2015       Tropicana Casino & Resort, Atlantic City NJ

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from everyone at


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