Glen Campbell

I am saddened by news of the death of an old friend, Glen Campbell. He will be missed.
Glen, in the past decade, has been suffering from the disease that killed my mother and my grandfather, Alzheimer’s/dementia.
Glen was a great musician, guitar player, singer and all-around great guy. May God rest his soul.

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Concert Pictures

Photos from some of David’s 1985 concerts have recently been added to David’s website. 

1985More 1980’s concert details and photos here

Thank you to the fans who have generously shared their photos. Further contributions are always welcomed. 

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Mark Wyckoff’s article describes David’s last two concerts from the fans’ and band’s perspective. Read the article and see the photos here.


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Message from David – June 17, 2017

Last weekend, Craig and I recorded some tracks at my place. Craig brought a Neumann U67 mike from Chicago, the same type of mike that I sang through in my very first recordings in 1970.  I had my favorite mike and my favorite guitar, my Black Knife Strat with a graphite neck, as well as the songs my father taught me. How could I ask for more?

I’m going to fly to Craig’s studio in a few weeks to finish the recording.

Happy Trails,


Photo taken by Craig J.

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Message from David – June 4, 2017


Photo from Craig’s studio of the 4 of us; Frank, myself, Teri, and Craig.

I’m having a lot of fun and being as creative as I’ve been since the 70s but as I’m so much older it’s very different now for me. Teri on drums, Craig on keyboard and Frank. Frank is an exceptional bass and a guitar player in this style of nearly jazz! He’s just a remarkable player. I’m limited in what I do well. I’ll play on at least one or two tracks but he’s far better in most cases than I, especially since my arthritis has really hampered my fingers. Many of you who also have arthritis will understand how frustrating it is.

Thus far, I’m very proud of the tracks, as is the 4 of us. We jell very well and they’re as good as it gets!! I’m going to record a bunch of vocals with Craig next week.

Happy Trails,

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