David Cassidy Fans.


The following is a list of Memorabilia collected by fans from around the world since the early 1970's.

Fan Club Collectables

There were a number of fan clubs in the 1970's and these gave out membership cards, pictures and newsletters.

There were a number of Partridge Family Fan clubs run by Teen magazines in the 1970's. See some adverts here.


Then And Now Collectables

There was a range of mugs, shirts, hats, totebags and even teddy bears available from David's official website

Personalized Signed Photographs

Fans have collected these since the early 1970's. In the later years, David only personalized each item he signed. David said "I was offended by the number of items that were being sold on eBay without my authorization and for personal gain, not for charity."

Tour Programs

We have pictures of 1972, 1973, 1974, 1985, 2001, 2002 and 2008 programs.

Plectrum (Guitar picks)

'David Cassidy' plectrum's are given away during concerts.

David Cassidy's guitar picks

Concert Banners and Flags

A number of these were available for purchase outside concert venues in the 1970's.


These were available outside concert venues in the UK and the US in the 1970's.


Official merchandising mugs were available from David's website.

Iron On Tshirt Transfers

These were available in Magazines or through magazine orders.


1973, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2012 & 2021. Do you know of others?


Stickers in the form of stationery, tour promotion and stickers to plaster your school books were plentiful in the 1970's.


A number of badges have been produced to sell at concerts, advertise shows and promote CD's.

T shirts

Fans began collecting The Partridge Family C'mon Get Happy shirts from the 1970's and continue to collect Tour Tshirts. Some were even given away as advertising.


The notebook is 11 1/2" tall and 10" across. It has 3 rings inside to hold paper. Made by Westab. No 25-2034. It has pictures of David on each side.


David Cassidy plastic picture heart pendents were sold outside concerts in the 1970s. In Australia you could order a heavy nickel plated alloy, featuring a lifelike sculpture of David and with his message "Always remember I love you". Or you could order a 2 dollar Necklace or Charm Bracelet.


Heart shaped bracelet.

Letter Stationery

Two different types were produced. One in 1973 by Anabas and the other from the David Cassidy fanclub.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets continue to be marketed today.

Sew-on Badge

A number of sew-on bagdes were available in the 1970's.

David Cassidy Lovers Kit

This was available for $1 from 16 Magazine. See the advert to find out what you missed!

Pocket Mirror

This 2.25 inch pocket mirror came with a drawstring pouch.

Pocket Mirror

Partridge Family Clock Faces

Two different clock faces were released.


Two matchbox pictures were released in the Netherlands in the 1970's. One features David Cassidy and the other the Partridge Family.

Matchbox pictureMatchbox picture

Paint and Color Album

This activitiy book had posters to color, things to make, full color standups of David and a pin-up portrait.

David Cassidy Paint and Color Album

Front cover of album.


The Partidge Family lunchbox has a picture of the bus on one side and the family members on the other side. Individual pictures of the family members are around the rim of the lunchbox. The Partridge Family lunchbox also came with a plastic thermos.

The Then And Now lunchbox was released to promote David's Then And Now CD.

The Partridge Family Bus

A large plastic bus made by Remco in 1973 is now quite rare. There are die cast models of the bus now available.

Christmas Ornament

Musical Christmas ornament from 2003

Toy Guitars

There are two types of toy guitars released. A yellow one and a red one. Both have The Partridge Family logo, a picture of David and a message "Yours David". The red guitar also has "I think I love you" printed on it.

Real Guitars

David has sold a few guitars with all or part of the proceeds going to charity. These are highly prized by collectors.

The Partridge Family Record Cabinet

American Toy & Furniture Co. produced a red record cabinet. This came with stickers of the Partridge Family and David Cassidy.

The Partridge Family Novels

17 books in total written by various authors using the characters from the Partridge Family.

The Partridge Family Comics

Charlton Comics released 21 different comics.

David Cassidy Comics

Charlton Comics released 14 comics.

Pencil Case

A red pencil case was available in the UK in 1973. It featured a picture of David Cassidy.

David's costumes

David donated a costume to kidscharities for an auction. One lucky fan also has one 1974 costume in his collection. Since David's Memorabilia Auction in 2006 many more fans now have some of his costumes.

Jigsaw Puzzles

A couple of different designs were available in the 1970's.

HiC Fruit Drink Posters & Towel

1n 1972 the backs of the Fruit Juice can labels were mini posters of The Partridge Family. You could also send away for a David Cassidy Beach Towel.

Pillow Case

These were available from TV Week magazine in Melbourne Australia..

Picture Frame Pendant Radio

This radio came with a chain so you could wear it around your neck.

The Partridge Family Game

English and Greek versions are known.

The Partridge Family Trading Cards

Topps Trading Cards were manufactured in the US, Australia and Canada. A number of different sets were produced.

Argentinian Trading Cards: Argentina produced two series of The Partridge Family Trading cards.

The Partridge Family Viewmaster

The package included 3 discs telling the story and a 16 page booklet.

The Partridge Family - Pictures To Color

A coloring book with 95 pictures to color.

Cigar Bands

There are a number of David Cassidy and Partridge Family Cigar Bands from the Netherlands.

Advertising Stands

Cardboard glossy counter top stand with cardboard easel back. A number of advertising stands have been collected by fans.

Paper Doll Kits

There were a few sets available in the 1970's:, David Cassidy, The Partridge Family and Susan Dey.

Juke Box Strips

Cherish/All I Wanna Do Is Touch You

European Trading Cards

Three different series were produced by Panini of Italy.

Music Trivia Card

This was issued 2005.

Cadbury Curly Wurly Card

David Cassidy was on one of the cards. You could also send away for a poster.

David Cassidy Candy Stick

Available in the UK in 1972.

Greeting Card

A card, available today, commemorates the year 1973.

Signed Major League Baseball

This was sold with a letter of authenticity.

Laurie Partridge Doll

Sold by Remco. The doll came with a poster of Laurie and Keith Partridge.

Keith Partridge / David Cassidy Doll

Made in 2009 by Farrow.

Suede Bag and Belt

The belt has a picture of David on the front. Two different bags were available in the 1970's

Vinyl Bag

This is a black vinyl bag made in 1972 and licenced to Columbia Pictures. On the bag was written "I Think I Love You! David".

Official Zazzle Products

These are officially licensed products. At the moment they consist of Tshirts and a Mouse Pad

Book Covers

Two book covers were available. One in 1971 and the other in 1972.

Merry Motion Partridge Family Tree

A set containing a badge pin and six images.


The Official David Cassidy Screensaver was produced by McCartney Multimedia.

David Cassidy Golf Tournament - Divot Repair/Ball Marker

The David Cassidy Golf Tournament was held on Sunday June 11, 2000. This Divot Repair/Ball Marker was sold at the venue. Proceeds benefited Kidscharities.

Golf Divot Repair/Ball Marker

Kate Greenaway Clothing

There was a range of children's clothing produced by Kate Greenaway in the 1970's. The clothing had tags with either pictures of David Cassidy or The Partridge Family.

Masquerade Costume

The Masquerade costume was made by Kusan. It contains a ventilated mask, blue pants and a white top with a characture of David Cassidy.

Cereal Boxes

General Foods featured The Partridge Family kids' faces on their cereal boxes.

Spinning Top

A plastic small spinning top from Argentina.

Pinball Toy

Partridge Family 2200 AD cartoon pinball toy from Argentina.

Non commercial memorabilia

Some fans are now making their own items for their own use or for their friends. Scarves, banners and Tshirts are not uncommon. Other items are: Jewellery and Games.

If you have any details and/or pictures of other items of memorabilia I would love to hear from you.

Museum Collections

There is a David Cassidy collection in the archives at VA museum. You could make an appointment to see it if you lived nearby (near London). Details here:

Thank you to Terena, Suey, Jim and Jane for pictures and information.

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