David Cassidy Television.

Television Acting Roles

David in Ironside

House on High Street

Episode unknown, 1959. NBC daytime TV serial.

The Survivors

Episode: Chapter 7 (of 15). Aired: November 7, 1969 on ABC.
The Survivors was a high-profile prime time soap opera on the ABC television network as part of its Fall 1969 lineup.


Playing: Danny Goodson. Episode #3.14: Stolen on Demand. Aired: December 25, 1969 on NBC.

David in The FBI.


Playing: Larry Williams. Episode #5.17: Fatal Impostor. Aired: January 4, 1970 on ABC.

Marcus Welby, M.D.

Playing: Michael Ambrose. Episode #1.16: Fun and Games and Michael Ambrose. Aired: January 13, 1970 on ABC.


Playing: Tim Richmond. Episode #2.17: Log 24: A Rare Occasion. Aired: February 14, 1970 on NBC.

David in Bonanza


Playing: Billy Burgess. Episode #11.20: The Law and Billy Burgess. Aired: February 15, 1970 on NBC.

Medical Centre

Playing: Rick Lambert. Episode #1.24: His Brother's Keeper. Aired: April 1, 1970 on CBS

The Mod Squad

Playing: Brad. Episode #2.26: The Loser. Aired: April 7, 1970 on ABC

This Is The Life

Playing: Gene Sander. Episode #1921: In A Quiet Place. Aired: 1970

David as Keith in The Partridge Family

The Partridge Family

Playing: Keith Douglas Partridge. Aired: September 25, 1970 to September 7, 1974 on ABC.

Police Story

Playing: Officer Dan Shay. Episode: TV Movie - A Chance To Live. Aired: May 28, 1978.

David was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in Police Story.

David Cassidy - Man Undercover Series

Playing: Officer Dan Shay. Episodes 1-10 Aired: November 2, 1978 to January 18, 1979 on NBC

Episode list, Advertisments, Pictures and Press Releases.

David in Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island

Playing: Danny Collier. Episode #3.15: Unholy Wedlock. Aired: January 12, 1980 on ABC.

The Love Boat

Playing Ted Harmes. Episode # 4.4: The Oilman Cometh. Aired: November 8, 1980 on ABC.

The Night The City Screamed

Playing: Police Greeley. TV Movie. Aired: December 14, 1980 on ABC

Tales Of The Unexpected

Playing Twins. Episode #6.5: Heir Presumptious. Aired: May 1982.

Fantasy Island

Playing: Jeremy Todd. Episode #6.11: The Songwriter. Aired: January 22, 1983 on ABC. Read a Fan's Tale of the filming.

David in Matt Houston.

Matt Houston

Playing: John Gordon Boyd. Episode #1.10: Joey's Here. Aired: December 5, 1983 on ABC.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Playing: Joey Mitchell. Episode #3.14: Career Move. Aired: May 22, 1988

The Flash

Playing: Sam Scudder, Mirror Master. Episode #1.18: Done With Mirrors. Aired: April 27, 1991 on CBS.


Playing: Himself. Episode #2.9: Rockamentary. Aired: November 18, 1991 on NBC. Details here.

Tom Arnold

Episode: The Naked Truth. Aired: April 1991 on HBO.

The Ben Stiller Show

Playing: Himself. Episode #1.8: Greg Kinnear Segment. Aired: October 1992.

Ein Schloß am Worthersee (A Castle at Lake Worther.)

Playing: A Rock Star, Patrick Riley. Soap Opera. Aired January 27, 1993 in Germany. David sung Treat Me Like You Used To.

Sue played his wife. The show was filmed in July 1992 in Velden, Austria. Information from Tina Funk of "Just David."

The John Larroquette Show

Playing: Jefferson Kelly. Episode #2.15: Wrestling Matches. Aired: January 31, 1995 on NBC. John tries to help a famed 70's poet (David) onto the wagon.

The Agency

Playing: Everett Price. Episode#2.19: War, Inc. Aired: October 16, 2003.

Malcolm In The Middle

Playing: Boon Vincent. Episode #5.1: Vegas. Aired: November 2, 2003 on NBC.

Kim Possible

Playing: Roland Pond (Voice). Episode #2.45: Oh Boyz. Aired: April 2, 2004.

Less Than Perfect

Playing: Vince. Episode #3.16: Playhouse. Aired: January 28, 2005.
Both David and Danny Bonaduce guests as auditioning band members Vince and Ron.

Ruby and the Rockits

Playing: David Gallagher. "Ruby and the Rockits" is a half-hour comedy. Ruby is the teenage daughter of David Gallagher (David Cassidy) and niece of Patrick Gallagher (Patrick Cassidy), brothers and former teen idols in the band The Rockits. Since David continues to tour and pursue a life in music, he turns to Patrick to help raise Ruby, who joins the Gallagher clan consisting of Patrick, his wife and two sons. "Ruby" was written by former teen idol Shaun Cassidy (Patrick's brother and David's half-brother) and Ed Yeager.

David in Police Story.

David Cassidy in Police Story.


David played a veteran poker player, Peter Coe. The episode, "Last Woman Standing" first aired February 27, 2013. Several professional poker players lose their lives and the CSI team is called in to investigate.

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