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Looking for a unique card or postcard to send to a friend? We have a selection that you can print and send. Check back as we will endeavor to increase the range of cards.

6 thoughts on “Merchandise

  1. r.i .p dvid Cassidy as he was great in 70s and80s and 90s he better then gary gillter not as to elvis or the the beatles or john paul young or abba but better Michael Jackson and gary gillter

  2. thank you david it funny david got me to cry but lisa marie Presley son clb never did

  3. I still cannot accept the fact that you’re gone. I dreamt once😴 that I cared for you ,and snapped out of it
    but it was only a dream 💭. I’m 56 years old now, and still watch the Partridge Family ( have been since I was a little girl 👧)

  4. Dear David,
    When you started your carrier, I was only 7!
    Such a shame I didn’t see you perform live…
    Your songs made my heart sing!
    Missing you very much.
    Ingeborg, Belgium

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