Felipe has been touring in bands for over 15 years in the New York City area. He has performed around the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada, as well as appearing on The CBS Morning Show, TV Land, The Biography Channel, The Modern Drummer Festival 2008 and has had his articles published on the Evans and Vic Firth websites. He has toured with OURS, The Monkees, and Chubby Checker, the Davy Jones Band, Reagan Youth, and Popa Chubby . He is also currently in original metal band ZIRE’S WAR fronted by Joey Z of Life Of Agony.

As a session drummer, Felipe prides himself on his instincts as to what the music needs, for any style or performer. It’s never about “Him.” That makes him an in demand musician, besides being easy to work with as a person.

Teaching drums for the last 18 years has also led Felipe to start performing clinics around the country as well as produce his own online video series, Flip of the Week. He specializes in teaching from beginners to advanced players on drum set and orchestral percussion, reading, rudiments, and various styles of music. Felipe proudly endorses Evans DrumheadsDDrum ElectronicsAmedia CymbalsWarlock DrumsVic Firth  KICKPORTMaxonixLatin Percussion®Cympad, and Drum Wallet.


Felipe’s Website- www.FTDRUM247.com


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