Teri Cote
Teri Cote

Teri (Theresa) Coté had drumming desires at the age of six, when folks would ask what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said “a drummer!” She started playing on her own little kit that she made herself from the kitchen, pots pans, Tupperware with rice, beans, water and coins in separate containers for different sounds. Wooden spoons as her sticks and a large Folgers can for her throne. With this kit and Earth, Wind & Fire on the stereo, she was raring to go. That’s where it all started and has not stopped!

Teri played six years of drum corps in Jr. High and high school. Though she wanted to continue on and play with a professional corps, with the age limits she decided her time was better spent behind the kit. Her first gig was with friends of hers in high school that had a family band. Three brothers, The Marcy Brothers, they needed a drummer and Teri was it for approximately five years. They were signed with several labels and opened for acts such as George Strait, Johnny Cash, Keith Whitley, Eddie Rabbit, Hwy 101, Alabama and many others. From that gig Teri continued onward and is still doing so today. She’s played with Stephen Bruton, Freddy Powers, Francine Reed, Karen Lovely, among many others and has played professionally for 30 years. Teri is now working on an original album with her own band The Teri Coté Band.

Teri currently lives in the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains.  When not on the road she is working on her art work, painting, writing children’s books and teaching drums. Read more on Teri’s website. Or instagram

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