David Cassidy Fans.

Fan's Tales

The following is a list of fan's tales as told by the fan's themselves.

Date Title
1970 My Partridge Family Bus
1970 Memories from the Ranch
1973 Keep Britain Tidy
1997 Magical Moments from EFX
1998 Terrific & Trying Times at Tower
2006 Roberto Di Stephano
2006 David at the Hard Rock Cafe, London
2006 David at the Beverly Hilton
2007 Book Signing in London
2007 Waterstones Bookstore in London
2007 Two Book Signings, A TV Show and More!
2007 David Marveleous At Molly's & La Mirada
2011 Weekend at Hammersmith
2011 Jason's Tale
2015 A Very Partridge Childhood
2016 I'll Wait For You At Dawn
2017 Roos Vonk

I would like to thank the fan's who contributed their stories and fantastic photographs to this section of the David Cassidy Fansite.

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