David Cassidy: The Swinging Guitar Man Returns To New Jersey

This is Lucio’s latest concert video that he recently posted on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

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Concert Video

Here is a  great video from David’s concert in  Boca, Florida on Jan 16, 2015. This video was posted by Lucio on YouTube. David would be very happy to see more great videos online.


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David Cassidy – Talent Survives

Article by Linda Higgins


I recently came across some reruns of The Partridge Family, which I excitedly sat down and watched for awhile. Since then, I haven’t been able to get David Cassidy off my mind. I’ve loved him since he made my heart throb in the 70s, but once he moved on from The Partridge Family my awareness of him totally diminished…until now. All of the sudden he has come back into my consciousness in a big way.

As a result, I immersed myself into his music again, listening to those old songs I love and getting to know the new ones I had missed. When I did, a wave of happiness came over me. Which made me realize that even though life might take us in a different direction for awhile, we are always led back to the music and the artists who make us happy.

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“Jim Brickman – Celebration of the 70s”.

On March 2, 2013  Jim Brickman hosted a “Celebration of the 70s” concert at  the Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, CT.

David and many other stars from the 70′s performed their hits.

Clips from the show are now available for viewing on YouTube.

PART 1 – David sings  “C’mon Get Happy”

PART 2 – David sings “Cherish”

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B.B. King (Sept 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015)

I’m a very sad man at the loss, although I knew it would be coming very soon as he couldn’t stand and play any longer. BB influenced myself and my guitar heroes like Eric and all the great British greats that were older than me in the 60′s.  I had a very wonderful few minutes with BB one night in LA before I became famous or a professional. I’ll never forget that night or how great this man was. I have been very sad since I first heard the news. I can’t imagine who could ever fill his void. He was the MAN!!! GOD BLESS BB.


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