Discography David Cassidy

David Cassidy : Best of David Cassidy

Released 1991, Curb Records (Japan). ALCB-602

Front and back of CD.

Cover of CD.

1. All I Want Is You
- Andy Pratt
2. Crazy Love
- Rusty Young
3. Half Heaven, Half Heartache
- Aaron H. Schroeder, George Goehring and Wally Gold
4. I Can See Everything
- Timothy B. Schmit
5. I Never Saw You Coming
- David Cassidy; Jay Gruska; Bill Mumy; David Jolliffe
6. Save Me Save Me
- Albhy Galuten; Barry Gibb
7. Dirty Work
- Barry Allan Gibb and Albhy Galuten
8. You Are the First One
- Barney Robertson
9. Strengthen My Love
- Tim Moore
10. Junked Heart Blues
- David Cassidy
11. Once A Fool
- Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter
12. Hurt So Bad
- Teddy Randazzo, Bobby Hart and Bobby Weinstein
13. It Should Have Been Me
- William "Mickey" Stevenson and Norman Whitfield

David was not very happy about the release of this CD when it was released in 1991 in Japan. It includes songs that David recorded in 1979 for an album that was never released, and is no way a "Best of" album. David said that these songs were not what he was standing for in 1991, and therefore he would rather not see them released at this time.

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