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The Castle 1997 (Performer)

Cherish was on the soundtrack of this Australian movie. The song is written by Terry Kirkman and Judith Kirkman and performed by David Cassidy.

Sondheim A Celebration 1996 (Performer)

The 12th Annual Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event on March 8 1996 was held to raise funds for AIDS Awareness.

For a review of the evening go to the Biography - Fundraising section

The music from the evening was released on a double CD.

David Cassidy in EFX 1996 (Singer and Song writer)

In 1996, David took over the lead role at the MGM Grand in the $75 million extravaganza EFX.

Read all about EFX the show and the numerous awards that David won in the Theatre section.

MGM released a CD of the show.

Blood Brothers 1995 (Singer and song writer)

David co-starred as Mickey Johnston in the stage show.

Read all about the play, Blood Brothers, in the Theatre section

A CD recording of the songs with David Cassidy, his brother Shaun and Petula Clark is available.

Zapped Again! 1990 (Writer)

The song 'Say You Will' was written by Duane Hitchings, Ben Schultz, Sue Shifrin and David Cassidy. The song was performed by Sue Shifrin.

The Partridge Family 1971 (Music and Lyrics)

Love Is All That I Ever Needed from Season 2 Episode 39: Where Do Mermaids Go? and Season 2 Episode 30: Anatomy Of A Tonsil
David co-wrote the music and lyrics with Wes Farrell.

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