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Bandala / Lay It On The Line / There's No Doubt In My Mind / Morning Rider On The Road

Catalog Number 635

Thailand release.

Thailand single

Sunshine / Come On Love

Japanese release. Catalog number: Bell BLPB 215

One of the only times either song appeared on 45. Colorful gatefold sleeve with lyrics and liner notes.

Japanese released single

It's One of Those Nights / Yes Love

Japanese release

Looking Through The Eyes Of Love / Storybook Love

Released: December 1972 (Bell Records) Catalog number: Bell 45-301

This, the last Partridge Family single to make the US Top 40, hit No. 39 on January 27, 1973, and stayed on the charts for two weeks. In Britain, the single hit No. 9 on February 17, 1973, and stayed on the charts for nine weeks

England issue (Bell 1278) has a sleeve similar to Notebook LP cover

Belgium issue (Bell 2008 121) has pic from World LP cover; blue/white background.

Spanish issue 1973.

From the Netherlands.

Netherlands release.

Spanish single

Spanish release.

Bell 2008 121

Bell 2008 121

Portugal Bell 2008 121

Portugal Bell 2008 121

I Think I Love You / Breaking Up is Hard to do / I'll Meet You Halfway

Belgium release.

Belgium release.

Release Belgium and Holland, 1972. Catalogue number: Bell 2008 100

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