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David Cassidy Singles in the USA

Gold record for I Think I Love You.

Photo Above of David with Gold Record for "I Think I Love You."

Title (A/B Sides) Label & Release Date Award/Date hit chart/
# on Chart/Wks
All I Wanna Do Is Touch You
Bell #45-150, October 1971 GOLD, 11/06/71, #9 
Could It Be Forever/
Blind Hope
Bell # 45-187, January 24, 1972 02/19/72, #37
How Can I Be Sure/
Ricky's Tune
Bell #45-220, May 1972 05/20/72, #25
Could It Be Forever
Flashback #FLB 74, June 14, 1973
Rock Me Baby/
Two Time Loser
Bell #45-260, September 1972 GOLD, 09/09/72 #38
Can't Go Home Again
Bell #45-386, July 5, 1973
The Puppy Song/
Bell #45-413, October 17, 1973 Note: Re-released Nov. 73 Daydreamer as A side.
Please Please Me/
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Bell #45-605, August 1974
Get It Up For Love/
Love In Bloom
RCA #PB-10405, July 1975
This Could Be the Night
RCA #PB-10405, November 1975
RCA #PB-10585, April 1976
Breakin' Down Again/
On Fire
RCA #PB-10657, Auguast 1976
Gettin' It In The Streets/
I'll Have To Go Away (Saying Goodbye)
RCA#PB-10788, November 1976
Saying Goodbye Ain't Easy (We'll Have to Go Away)/ Rosa's Cantina RCA #PB-10921, January 1977
Hurt So Bad/
Once A Fool
MCA/Curb #41101, October 1979
Lyin' To Myself CD Enigma #7 73554-2, August 1990 09/09/1990, #27, 16 wks. (R&R) #20 (AC)
I Think I Love You (new version) Slamajama Records, May 1998
No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross  Slamajama Records, 1998 #21 (Adult Cont.)

Information compiled by Cat Ortiz-White

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