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Talking Records

Billy And Blaze

A collection of seven stories read by David Cassidy. C.W. Anderson's Billy and Blaze Stories revolve around the adventures of an intrepid young boy who explores the world astride his loyal pony Blaze.

The Partridge Family Fan Club Records

The First Partridge Family Fan Club Record 1971

The Second Partridge Family Fan Club Record 1972

The Official New Zealand Partridge Family Fan Club

David Cassidy Fan Club Records

David Cassidy Fan Club Record 1972. Listen to David's message

Medic Alert Radio Spots

Medic Alert 1972

Catalog no.: DR 5649

Put out in the early 1970s. This record featured spots by David and Shirley promoting Medic Alert wrist bracelets.

David Cassidy Talks to Melanie Readers

Released: 1973 Catalog no.: Lyntone 2577-1L

Put out by Melanie magazine in England, this black flexi disc featured a message from David to his British fans.

Words of Love From David Cassidy

Released: 1973 Catalog no.: Lyntone 2710

Put out by Jackie magazine in England. This flexi disc featured a message from David to his fans in Britain.

Air Force ROTC Radio Spots

Put out around 1973, this record featured spots by David promoting Army ROTC. A snippet of "The Puppy Song" was played on each of the spots.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About David Cassidy

LP Cover

Released: 1972 Catalog no.: Superstar Records 203

Audio-Biography in which David tells all.

Saturday Scene

Released: 1974 Catalog no.: Phillips 9299-270

Released only in England, this album contains an interview with David, as well as interviews with other stars..

Earth News Radio Interview Disc

Released: June 30, 1975

This record, distributed in the US to radio stations, contained a six-part interview - including commercials - with David. He talked about trying to shake being a teen idol. Other artists on the disc included Ian Hunter and Three Dog Night.

Hot News interview record

Released: May 24, 1976

This record, distributed only to radio, contained a three-part interview with David who talked about "Home Is Where The Heart Is."

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