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The Partridge Family - Bulletin Board

Released: October 1973. Bell #1137

Front of Bulletin Board LPBack cover of Bulletin Board LP.

Front and back covers of the LP.

Side one: Side two:
1. Money Money 1. How Long is too Long
2. Roller Coaster 2. I'll Never Get Over You
3. Lookin' for a Good Time 3. Alone Too Long
4. Oh, No, Not my Baby 4. I Heard You Singing Your Song
5. I Wouldn't Put Nothin' Over on You 5. That's the Way It is with You
6. Where Do We Go from Here
Front of Japanese Bulletin Board

Front of Japanese LP.

Calendar from the Japanese album

Calendar from the Japanese album.

Taiwanese LPBack of Taiwanese LP

Taiwanese LP. Front cover is the same as USA version but paper thin.

Last regular studio album, and the only one recorded in a different studio than the albums preceding it. Wes Farrell is credited as the producer, but this album was actually produced John Bahler.

Promotional copy of Bulletin Board.

This promotional copy of the LP had a small label on the bottom left corner of the front of the LP.

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