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David Cassidy : Cherish

1972 BELL Records : USA Bell 6070, United Kingdom Bells 210, Japan BLPM-1, Taiwan: FL-2186 (First Record), Melody Records: SS-6014. Rereleased on CD on Buddha Records in 2000: 74465 99751 2 (remastered)

Produced by : Wes Farrell

front cover of LPback of cover

Front and back cover of LP

Album Design : Michael Mendel

Photography by Henry Diltz

Side one: Side two:
1. Being Together
- Tony Romeo
1. We Could Never be Friends
- Tony Romeo
2. I Just Wanna Make You Happy
- Wes Farrell, Bobby Hart
2. Where is the Morning
- Adam Miller
3. Could It be Forever
- Wes Farrell, Danny Janssen
3. I Am a Clown
- Tony Romeo
4. Blind Hope
- Adam Miller
4. Cherish
- Terry Kirkman
5. I Lost My Chance
- Adam Miller
5. Ricky's Tune
- David Cassidy
6. My First Night Alone Without You
- Kin Vassy
front cover of LP from Japan back cover of LP from Japan

Gatefold (inside of folded LP) from Japan

Melody Records front cover.

Melody Records front cover.

Portrait of David Cassidy cover

Portrait of David Cassidy was released in the Netherlands in 1972 by Polydor 2484 141. (Golden Crown Series)

Cherish Taiwan Front CoverCherish Taiwan Back coverCherish Taiwan Record

Taiwan LP: Front cover, Back cover and Record.

Israel LP Back Cover

Israel LP: Back cover. Front cover is the same as the US Front.

David's first solo album. Hit no. 15 on the US charts on Feb. 19, 1972, and stayed on the charts for eight weeks. In Britain, it hit no. 2. Reissued on Melody Records, which had a different cover. Taiwan issue has a flimsy paper cover. Picture is the same, but instead of black border on either side of the front cover photo, the border is yellow. Back cover pictures are in B&W.

Back of the Cherish CD.

Back of the Cherish CD.

Acknowledgement : Thanks to the fan who contributed pictures of the Japanese LP cover on this page.

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