Discography David Cassidy

David Cassidy : Classic Songs

Released: 1998, Curb Records D2-77835

Cover of CD.

1. I Think I Love You
- Tony Romeo

2. Half Heaven, Half Heartache
- Aaron H. Schroeder and Wally Gold

3. Once A Fool
- Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter

4. Strengthen My Love
- Tim Moore

5. You Are the First One
- Barney Robertson

6. I Can See Everything
- Timothy B. Schmit

7. Crazy Love
- Rusty Young

8. Dirty Work
- Barry Allan Gibb and A. Galuten

9. Hurt So Bad
- Teddy Randazzo, Bobby Hart and Bobby Weinstein

This is an American release of the Japanese "Best of" CD from 1991. Some songs have been removed and "I Think I Love You" added.

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