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David Cassidy & The Partridge Family
Could It Be Forever - The Greatest Hits

CD Cover

CD Cover

Released: UK November 13, 2006.
Released: Australia February 24, 2007.

Track list:

01. Could It Be Forever
02. Cherish
03. Daydreamer
04. I Think I Love You
05. How Can I Be Sure
06. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
07. Some Kind of a Summer
08. I Am A Clown
09. It's One of Those Nights
10. Rock Me Baby
11. Looking Through the Eyes of Love
12. Walking in the Rain
13. Puppy Song
14. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
15 I Woke Up in Love This Morning
16. One Night Stand
17. Song for a Rainy Day
18. Darlin'
19. Summer Days
20. I'll Meet You Halfway
21. You Are Always on My Mind
22. Echo Valley 2-6809
23. If I Didn't Care
24. Ricky's Tune
25. I Write the Songs

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