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The Partridge Family - Crossword Puzzle

Released: March 1973. Bell #1122

Front cover of Crossword Puzzle

Front cover of Australian LP

Side one: Side two:
1. One Day at a Time 1. Come on Love
2. Sunshine 2. I Got Your Love all over Me
3. As Long as there's You 3. Let Your Love Go
4. It's a Long Way to Heaven 4. It Sounds Like You're Saying Hello
5. Now That You Got Me Where You Want Me 5. It's You
6. It Means I'm in Love with You
Front cover of Japanese Crossword Puzzle LPBack cover of Japanese Crossword Puzzle LP

Front and back cover of Japanese LP

Inside Japanese Gatefold LP

Inside Japanese Gatefold LP.

Inner sleeve of USA LP included the answers to the crossword puzzle on the front cover. See below.

Crossword Puzzle insert with answers.

The back of the British LP had the answers. See below.

Back of the British LP
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