Discography David Cassidy

David Cassidy Greats

Released: Bell.

Front cover of David Cassidy Greats LP

LP front cover.

Side One : Side Two :
1. I Just Wanna Make You Happy
- Wes Farrell, Bobby Hart
1. If I Didn't Care
- Jack Lawrence
2. Ricky's Tune
- David Cassidy
2. Two Time Loser
- David Cassidy
3. I Lost My Chance
- Adam Miller
3. Song of Love
- Adam Miller
4. I'll Meet You Halfway
- Wes Farrell, Gerry Goffin
4. Summer Days
- Tony Romeo
5. Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
- Wes Farrell, Jim Cretecos, Mike Appel
5. Could It Be Forever
- Wes Farrell, Danny Janssen
6. I Am A Clown
- Tony Romeo
6. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
- N. Sedaka and H. Greenfield
David Cassidy Greats back cover.
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