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David Cassidy's Greatest Hits

Released: 1974. USA Bell 1321, United Kingdom Bells 250, Spain 2308 106, Japan IES 80530 (Arista Records).

Front cover of LPBack cover of LP

LP front and back cover.

The back cover for the New Zealand version is in black and white

Side One : Side Two :
1. Cherish
- Terry Kirkman
1. How Can I Be Sure
- Felex Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati
2. Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
- Wes Farrell, Jim Cretecos, Mike Appel
2. I Think I Love You
- Tony Romeo
3. Daydreamer
- Terry Dempsy
3. Rock Me Baby
- Johnny Cymbal, Peggy Clinger
4. Please Please Me
- John Lennon, Paul McCartney
4. I Am A Clown
- Tony Romeo
5. Could It Be Forever
- Wes Farrell, Danny Janssen
5. I'll Meet You Halfway
- Wes Farrell, Gerry Goffin
6. If I Didn't Care
- Jack Lawrence
Front cover of Japanese LP.Back cover of LP from Japan.

Front and Back cover of album from Japan (Back has lyrics).

Except for the song "If I Didn't Care" - which was released as a single only in England and Europe - this compilation includes material already released in the US. Cover lists "Could It Be Forever," but the song actually heard is "Blind Hope." The US version was renumbered in 1976 as Arista 4014. British version, though, has "Could It Be Forever" instead of "Blind Hope." Spanish issue has same photo, but says "Lo mejor de David Cassidy."

"Greatest Hits", released in 1974 by Music For Pleasure (Europe) has track listing the same as Bell's "David Cassidy's Greatest Hits." Cover is different. It has a close-up picture of David playing the guitar (See below). Catalog number: MFP 50324

Front cover of LPBack cover of LP

LP front and back cover (Europe).

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