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David Cassidy : Gettin' It In The Street

1976 RCA Records : USA APL1 - 1852, Japan RCA RVP-6108

Produced by: Gerry Beckley and David Cassidy.

LP cover from JapanLP cover from Germany

LP cover from Japan and Germany.

Side One : Side Two :
1. Gettin' It In The Street
- David Cassidy, Gerry Beckley
1. I Never Saw You Coming
- David Cassidy, Gruska
2. Cruise To Harlem
- David Cassidy, Beckley, Wilson
2. Living A Lie
- David Cassidy, Gerry Beckley
3. I'll Have To Go Away (Saying Goodbye)
- Chater, Armand
3. Rosa's Cantina
- David Cassidy, Garofala
4. The Story Of Rock and Roll
- Nilsson
4. Love, Love the Lady
- David Cassidy, Gerry Beckley
5. Junked Heart Blues
- David Cassidy

After the title song stiffed on the charts in America, the album - scheduled for release in November - was shelved at the last minute. The already-pressed American copies were finally dumped on the market in July 1979, after RCA cleaned out its inventory. The LP was released on schedule in Germany and Japan. Japan issue contains a double-sided insert with Japanese liner notes and English lyrics.

Back of Gettin It In The Streets LP

Back of the LP.


Japanese CD. Click image for more details.

The story of Rosa's Cantina

The Story of Rosa's Cantina

Click here to read the story.

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