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David Cassidy : Home Is Where The Heart Is

1976 RCA Records :USA: RCA APL1-1852, United Kingdom: APL1-1309, Germany: APL 1-1309, Japan: RVP-6036

Produced by : David Cassidy and Bruce Johnston

Front cover of LPBack Cover of LP

Front and back cover of the LP.

Side One : Side Two :
1. On Fire
- David Cassidy, Bill House
1. Breakin' Down Again
- David Cassidy, Bill House
2. Damned if this ain't Love
- David Cassidy
2. Run and Hide
- David Cassidy, Bill House
3. January
- David Paton
3. Take This Heart
- David Cassidy, Gerry Beckley
4. A Fool In Love
- David Cassidy, Bill House
4. Goodbye Blues
- Ronnie S. Wilkins
5. Tomorrow
- Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney
5. Half-past Our Bedtime
- David Cassidy, Gerry Beckley, Ricky Fataar
Picture of the LP insert.

Picture of the LP insert.
Photography : Henry Diltz
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Japanese LP Cover.

Japanese LP Front Cover.

Original album included recording session photos on the inner sleeve and a poster with pictures and handwritten liner notes. German issue had a gatefold cover and included a poster with the liner notes on one side and the photos on the other. The inner sleeve was blank.

Session photos on inner sleeve.

Session photos on inner sleeve.

Session photos on inner sleeve.

Japanese released CD.

The Japanese CD was released in 2009. It's cardboard sleeve is just like the LP cover. Click the image above to see details of the artwork on the CD itself and the booklet that came with the CD.

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