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The Partridge Family - Notebook

Released: November 1972. Bell #1111

Notebook cover from Australia Notebook cover from USA

Front of Australian LP (left) and front of American LP (right)

Back cover of Notebook LP.

Back cover of the LP.

Side one: Side two:
1. Friend and a Lover 1. We Gotta Get Out of this Place
2. Walking in the Rain 2. Storybook Love
3. Take Good Care of Her 3. Love Must be the Answer
4. Together We're Better 4. Something's Wrong
5. Looking Through the Eyes of Love 5. As Long As You're There
6. Maybe Someday
Front of Japanese Notebook LpBack of Japanse Notebook LP

Front and back of Japanese LP.

Posters included with the Japanese Gatefold album.

Back cover of Notebook CD.

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