Discography David Cassidy

David Cassidy : Old Trick, New Dog

Released: 1998, Slamajama Records 811-2


Cover of CD.

1. No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross
- Simon Climie, Billy Laurie, Lulu Frieda
2. I Think I Love You
- Tony Romeo
3. You Were The One
- Tony Romeo, David Cassidy
4. Let Her Go
- David Cassidy, Christopher Walker
5. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
- Mike Appel, Jim Cretecon, Wes Farrell
6. I Woke Up In Love This Morning
- Russell Brown, Irwin Levine
7. (Whatever Happened to) Peace, Love & Happiness
- Andy Goldmark, J. D. Martin
8. Sheltered In Your Arms
- Reed Vertelney, John Pagano, David Cassidy
9. Show And Tell
- Jerry Fuller
10. Ricky's Tune
- David Cassidy
11. I Think I Love You (Groove Mix)
- Tony Romeo
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