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The Partridge Family Greatest Hits (CD)

Released: Arista ARCD-8604, 1989.

CD cover of PF Greatest Hits

CD front cover.

1. C'mon On Get Happy
2. I Think I Love You
3. Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted
4. I'll Meet You Halfway
5. I Woke Up In Love This Morning
6. Cherish
7. It's One Of Those Nights
8. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
9. Am I Losing You
10. Could It be Forever
11. Point Me In The Direct Of Albuquerque
12. Echo Valley 2-6809
13. Summer Days
14. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
15. How Long Is Too Long
16. One Night Stand
Back of the Partridge Family Greatest Hits CD.Back of the Partridge Family Greatest Hits CD.

Two Slightly different back covers.

This CD is also known as the Lunchbox because of the graphic on the front of the CD and to distinguish it from the Album with the same name.

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