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Sex Like David Cassidy

In 2012 UK Legend released a CD of a mashup of David's 'I Think I Love You'. The three tracks are electronic, synth-pop dance tracks.

Shortly after the release David wrote to his fans with the following message on his website: "You are probably all aware that UK Legend released a song called “Sex Like David Cassidy” and you probably already know that I did a Skype interview. I really appreciate and understand that many of you love the original song. Nobody loves it and appreciates it more than I do. This song is paying homage and respect to me and to the song, that’s the way I look at it. It does get my name and music out there with a different type of audience and that’s great news. So if anybody would like to post any positive comments on any blogs out there about the song it would be appreciated."

Sex Like David Cassidy CD

David was interviewed by Pro Motion about the CD

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