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The Partridge Family Album

Released: Dec. 23, 1970. Bell #6050

The Partridge Family AlbumBack of the PF Album
Side one: Side two:
1. Brand New Me 1. I'm on the Road
2. Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque 2. To be Lovers
3. Bandala 3. Somebody Wants to Love You
4. I Really Want to Know You 4. I Think I Love You
5. Only a Moment Ago 5. Singing My Song
6. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
Japanese PF Album cover

Front of Japanese Album

Inside Japanese Gatefold AlbumInside Japanese album

Inside the Japanese Gatefold Album

The Partridge Family Album was also released with the title "Only A Moment Ago".
Only A Moment Ago was released in Australia by Axis with the Catalogue Number 6247. It was also released in England on the Yellow Label, number SPR 90084.

Only A Moment Ago

Only A Moment Ago. Australian release.

The original USA LP, The Partridge Family Album, included a 10x10 color photo of the group inside.

The Partridge Family Album CD covers.

CD covers.

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