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The Partridge Family - Up To Date

Released: Feb. 12, 1971. Bell #6059

Up To Date coverUp To Date back cover of LP
Side one: Side two:
1. I'll Meet You Halfway 1. Morning Rider on the Road
2. You Are Always on my Mind 2. That'll be the Day
3. Doesn't Somebody Want to be Wanted 3. There's no Doubt in my Mind
4. I'm Here, You're Here 4. She'd Rather Have the Rain
5. Umbrella Man 5. I'll Leave Myself a Little Time
6. Lay it on the Line

The original USA LP Included book cover with a picture of the PF from the first season on one side. On the other was a picture of David Cassidy.


Malaysian release: PR Label. LP has a blue/pink colour.

Up To Date Malaysian cover

Malaysian LP cover.

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