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David Cassidy : Daydreamer

Released: 1993, Esoldun France STAR ST 5004. Rereleased in 2000 Delta Music with a new cover in UK and Australia.

Cover of French 1993 CDCover of Australian CD 2000.

Left: Cover of 1993 CD. Right: Cover of 2000 CD.

1. Could It Be Forever
- Wes Farrell, Danny Janssen

2. Tenderly
- Alan Tarney

3. Darlin'
- B. Wilson, M. Love

4. Thin Ice
- Alan Tarney, David Cassidy

5. Someone
- Alan Tarney, David Cassidy, Sally Boyden

6. She Knows All About Boys
- Dan Merino

7. I'll Meet You Halfway
- Wes Farrell, Gerry Goffin

8. I Am A Clown
- Tony Romeo

9. Daydreamer
- Terry Dempsy

10. Get It Up For Love
- Ned Doheny

11. How Can I Be Sure
- Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati

This is the rerelease of the first of the two CD's of the Royal Albert Hall concerts from 1986 (The album known as "His Greatest Hits Live").

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