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David Cassidy : His Greatest Hits - Live

Released 1986, Starblend Records. LP/CD: TRACK 3, Cassette: TRACK K3

Front cover of the double LP.Back cover of the double LP.

Front and back cover of gatefold double vinyl album.

Side One : Side Two :
1. Could It Be Forever
- Wes Farrell, Danny Janssen
1. She Knows All About Boys
- Dan Merino
2. Tenderly
- Alan Tarney
2. I'll Meet You Halfway
- Wes Farrell, Gerry Goffin
3. Darlin'
- B. Wilson, M. Love
3. I Am A Clown
- Tony Romeo
4. Thin Ice
- Alan Tarney, David Cassidy
4. Daydreamer
- Terry Dempsy
5. Someone
- Alan Tarney, David Cassidy,
Sally Boyden
5. Get It Up For Love
- Ned Doheny
6. How Can I Be Sure
- Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati
Side Three : Side Four :
1. Please Please Me
- Lennon, McCartney
1. Looking Through the Eyes Of Love
- Mann, Weil
2. Romance (Let Your Heart Go)
- Alan Tarney, David Cassidy
2. When I Am A Rock And Roll Star
- David Cassidy
3. Touched By Lightning
- Alan Tarney, David Cassidy
3. Rock Me Baby
- Peggy Clinger, Johnny Cymbal
4. I Write the Songs
- Bruce Johnston
4. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
- Sedaka, Greenfield
5. I Think I Love You
- Tony Romeo
5. I'm Still Standing
- Elton John, Bernie Taupin
6. Cherish
- Terry Kirkman
6. The Last Kiss
- Alan Tarney, David Cassidy

Released only in England, this two-record set (with gatefold cover) contains 23 songs recorded during his two-night October 1985 stand at London's Royal Albert Hall. Only song not previously released on an album is his cover of Elton John's "I'm Still Standing." Also released on two separate compact discs, cassette and on video.

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