David Cassidy Theatre.

David Cassidy in EFX

MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. November 1996 to December 1998.

EFX starring David Cassidy, flyer.

EFX flyer.

In 1996, David took over the lead role at the MGM Grand in the $75 million extravaganza EFX. The show originally starred Michael Crawford of "Phantom of the Opera" fame. The show was doing fairly well but it was not the big hit that MGM had expected. Then Crawford injured himself while doing the show. The producers of EFX had seen David in "Blood Brothers" and contacted him about taking over the lead role. David said he would as long as he could have creative input into making major changes. The MGM agreed. It was not originally known how long David would be taking over as Crawford's contract would be up in a few months and they didn't know if he would return. In the end, Crawford stayed in hospital for quite a while and decided not to return to EFX. David then signed a two year contract.

David wins many awards!

Under David Chisium and David Cassidy's creative direction, EFX was entirely re-vamped. They gave it more of a plot, made it less dark, introduced a circus act, and Cassidy wrote new music for the play. EFX then became the most successful production in Las Vegas. The MGM acknowledged that David Cassidy was singularly responsible for bringing over 1 million paid customers to see EFX. Within four months of opening, the show was voted "Most Improved Show in Las Vegas", "Best Production Show" in Las Vegas, and David was voted "Best All Around Performer" and "Best Singer."

In 1999, David was again named "Best All Around Performer" in the Review Journal's Best of Las Vegas. He was also chosen City Life's "Entertainer of the Year" and was dubbed "Show Star of the Year" by Gaming Today.

While doing EFX, David himself was the victum of some stage mishaps. It was a very dangerous show with all the special effects, hence the name EFX. More than once, when David disapeared from stage and was supposed to land nicely onto something soft, he instead hurt himself. He aggraivated some old injuries and got some new ones to boot! He'd injured his back, legs, and his ankle. Therefore, when his contract was up in 1999, he decided to move on and produce his own show in Vegas, AT THE COPA.

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