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At The Copa - Try A Little Tenderness

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She may be weary, young girls do get weary
Wearing the same shabby dress
And when she's weary
Won't you Try a little tenderness

You know she's there waiting and anticipating
For the things she'll never, never, ever have
And while she's waiting
Try a little tenderness

It's not just sentimental no no no no no
She has all her grief and her cares
But a word so very soft and gentle
Makes it easier, easier, easier to bear

You won't regret it, I know you won't, young girls don't forget it
Love is their whole happiness
And it's all so damn easy
All you gotta do is Try a little tenderness

That's all you gotta do.
You've gotta hold her
You've got to squeeze her
And always please her

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