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Plays that mention David Cassidy

David Cassidy and the Partridge Family are part of the culture for anyone growing up in the 1970's onwards.

Below is a list of plays that mention David:

Could It Be Forever

This play was first performed at the Edinburgh Festival. It tells the story of two Camden girls love for 70's pop pin-up David Cassidy. The play focuses on a reunion of old friends, using David Cassidy as the glue that helped bring their past back into focus.

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Heidi Chronicles

Set in 1977. The expensive hotel room is absurdly grandiose. There is a wedding, an important socialite wedding, happening. Acquaintances of the Groom are seeking escape. But the Groom hunts them out, because even though David Cassidy is a guest, they are, to the Groom, the most interesting people in the room.

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