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Articles on David Cassidy during Time

February 4, 1987. TV AM with Jayne Irving and Richard Keys

March 5, 1987. The Londong Evening Standard "Cliff's Time is up, so Cassidy In" by Spencer Bright

March 6, 1987. Daily Mirror "Cassidy Fills the Time Gap"

March 8, 1987. Sunday Mirror "Time Marches On"

March 13, 1987. Santa Barbara Newspress "Sir Laurence and Mr. Cassidy"

March 16, 1987. Evening News "David comes back in Time" by Martin Townsend

March 18, 1987. The Times, "Super Puppy grows up" by Caroline Phillips

March 18, 1987. London Dialy News, "Time change for show that runs on DC"

March 19, 1987. Freizeit Revue (Germany,) "Ersatz fur Gottesmann Cliff Richard: David Cassidy"

March 20, 1987. Santa Barbara Newspress, Currents section, under "And..."

March 27, 1987. Weekend Mirror, "After two failed marriages, the teen idol is all grown up" by Gill Pringle

April 1, 1987. The Sun, "David's Diet."

April 3, 1987. The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross - TV show

April 12, 1987. British TV listing "Live from the Palladium"

April 12, 1987. Sunday Express Magazine, "Perfect Timing" by Sue Russell

April 14, 1987. Evening News "David's party-time debut"

April 14, 1987. London Eveing Standard, "Timeless Cassidy"

April 14, 1987. Sunday Express, "Back in the big time"

April 15, 1987. Today, "Time is on David's side"

April 17, 1987. The Star, "David Lands In A Stew."

April 22, 1987. On Daily News, "Time for Cassidy"

April 22, 1987. Evening News, "Cassidy fans say it with roses"

April 22, 1987. Evening Standard "Dishy David Cassidy was a teenage pop idol at 19."

April 23, 1987. Daily Record, Small clip about Time

April 23, 1987. Daily Express "Cool Cassidy calls Time on Sam"

April 23, 1987. Daily Mirror, "Party Time for David and Steph"

April 23, 1987. London Daily News, "Cassidy clocks on in Time."

April 25, 1987. Daily Record, "Cassidy seems to have found the secret of enternal youth" by Billy Sloan

April 26, 1987. Dag allemaal (Belgium) "David Cassidy kon zijn status niet aan."

April 26, 1987. Dag allenaal (Belgium) "Heel bewust koos ik yoor ander leven"

April 26, 1987. Celebrity "David Rocks On" by James Green

April 28, 1987. Today, "Bouncers' last laugh"

April ?, 1987. "David suits himself"

April ?, 1987. "The Teen Dream Comes of Age."

Special thanks to Urda Budde and her "Da-idy Newsletter" for many of the articles listed.

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