David Cassidy Theatre.

Little Johnny Jones

Book Music & Lyrics by George M. Cohan


A brash, patriotic American jockey, Johnny Jones, goes to England to ride his horse, Yankee Doodle, in the English Derby. Jones falls in love with Goldie Gates, a San Francisco copper heiress, who follows him to Britain, disguising herself as a man to discover if Jones really loves her. Anthony Anstey, an American who runs a Chinese gambling establishment in San Francisco, offers Jones a bribe to lose the race deliberately, but he refuses. After Jones loses, Anstey spreads rumors that he threw the race intentionally. Jones' detective, pretending to be a drunkard, searches for evidence to clear Johnny's name and finds out that it was Anstey that framed Jones. Jones tells his friends who are returning to America, "Give My Regards to Broadway," but he stays in London to try to regain his reputation. Jones returns to America with his name cleared, eager to propose marriage to Goldie, but he finds that Anstey has kidnapped her. He and his detective search for her in San Francisco's Chinatown, eventually finding her.

Song List
. The Cecil in London - Jenkins
. They're All My Friends - Timothy D. McGee
. Mam'selle Fauchette - Goldie Gates
. 'Op in the 'Ansom - Cabbies and Reformers
. Nesting in a New York Tree - Florabelle Fly
. Yankee Doodle Boy - Johnny Jones
. Off to the Derby - Company
. Girls from the U.S.A. - Florabelle Fly
. (Sailors of St. Hurrah - Sailors
. Captain of a Ten Day Boat - Captain Squirvy
. Goodbye Flo - Goldie Gates
. Good Old California - Henry Hapgood
. A Girl I Know - Johnny Jones and Goldie Gates
. Give My Regards to Broadway - Johnny Jones
. March of the Frisco Chinks - Company
. Life's a Funny Proposition - Johnny Jones

Listen to David sing "Life's A Funny Proposition"

Listen to David sing "Give My Regards To Broadway"

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