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Little Johnny Jones

Articles featuring Little Johnny Jones with David Cassidy

May 1, 1981: Evening Outlook. Very good article with quotes for David.

May 3, 1981: San Diego Union. "Little Johnny Jones: Will It Be a Hit in East Haddam?" Doesn't mention David, only the show.

May 4, 1981: San Diego Union. Review "No Match for the Real Thing" by Welton Jones. Didn't like David because he wasn't Cohan.

May 7, 1981: San Diego Reader. Review by Jeff Smith, panned David. Also little mention in "Readers' Guide to the Theatre.

May 8, 1981: Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. "Goodspeed to CLO: Johnny Keeps Marching" by Jack Viertel.

May 11, 1981: L.A. Times, Calendar section. Review by Dan Sullivan. Has a nice photo of David doing "Give my Regards to Broadway."

May 11, 1981: Anaheim Bulletin. Review "Johnny Jones Is a Musical Success" by Karl Wray. Best review of the play! He also loved David. Has a photo at the top.

May 11, 1981: Variety. Under "Legit Review" by Edward. Didn't pan david but didn't like him either. No photos.

May 12, 1981: Hollywood Reporter. Review by Ron Pennington. No pics. Didn't like D.C.

May 21, 1981: Globe Magazine. "Partridge Kid Bounces Back at 31" by Ansi Vallens. Nice article and great photo.

May 22, 1981: Vegas Visitor. Didn't like D.C. Small photo.

May 29, 1981: L.A. Times. Said "The L.A. Civic Light Opera's season got off to a successful opening with Little Johnny Jones at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion. Plenty of social types turned out to see David Cassidy's performance." Has photo of David and his mom on opening night.

June 25, 1981: Denver Post. "Romance Shines in Musical." By Barbara Mackey. Liked the show and David.

July 1, 1981: Denver Downtower. By D.G. Ronquille. Said David's enthusiastic but not talented enough as a stage performer.

July 8, 1981: Seattle Post Intelligencer. Review, "Cassidy Charming in Johnny Jones" by Casey Carr. Liked David. Has one photo.

July 8, 1981: Seattle Times. Has short review (awful) and a great interview, "Older and Tamer, Ex-Teen Idol Is Happy as Joney Jones" by John Veerhees. Has a really nice photo of David in his dressing room.

July 10, 1981: Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Good interview titled "David Cassidy is Glad the Heat is Off and the Curse is Behind Him." By Merry Nye. Has nice photo too.

August 2, 1981: Chicago Sun Times. Interview titled, "A Teenage Idol Has More Fun at 31" by Merry Nye. Very good and nice photo.

August 14, 1981: Chicago Tribune. Review, "Johnny Jones Is Just Dandy." Small photo. Liked the play and David.

August 15, 1981: Chicago Sun-Times. Review by Glenna Syse, "Little Johnny Jones Dated, Rousing." She kind of liked it. Has onstage photo of David and another cast member.

August 27, 1981: Detroit news. "Johnny Jones Waves Flag, but It Should Wear a Shroud" by Susan Slobojan. Hated the show and David. Called it dated, corny, trite and racist.

August 27, 1981: Detroit Free Press. "Too Many Ghosts Haunt Grand Old Musical Theme" by Lawrence Devine. Didn't like David because he wasn't James Cagney.

August 28, 1981: Detroit Free press. Interview, "Partridge pares Old Image" by Diane Haithman. Very good. Color photo in costume and black and white backstage photo, wearing his cute little hat.

October 4, 1981: Dallas Times-Herald. "The Ex-Idol, At Age 30, David Cassidy Alive, Well and Starting new Career" by Don Hulbuert. Good interview. Has nice color photo of David in costume.

October 16, 1981: Dallas Morning News. "David Cassidy Jockeying for New Image In Johnny Jones" by Diane Werts. Very good interview. Has good black and white backstage photo.

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