David Cassidy Television.

Behind the Music

December 20 1998

The 1970's teen idol and star of the sitcom The Partridge Family, David Cassidy talks about the all-too-familiar story of mass teen success. The meteoric rise to fame, the perils of being a pop idol, the struggle to be taken seriously as an artist, the inevitable fall from grace when the next new idol comes along, his maturing and acceptance of his role, and in this case, his re-emergence as a musical talent. David discusses his latest album and talks about his excitement about starring in Las Vegas' #1 show, 'EFX'.

David, Jack & EvelynDavid Cassidy
David smokingDavid Cassidy
David CassidyDavid Cassidy in the studio
David Cassidy in the StudioDavid Cassidy in the studio
David CassidyDavid Cassidy visits the PF house
The PF garageDavid Cassidy
David Cassidy - tired!David Cassidy
David CassidyDavid Cassidy at the beach
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