David Cassidy Television.

Appearances during 2002 Australian Tour

Ten Eyewitness News

5 - 6pm, September 17, 2002

Here is an overview of David's interview.

It was a short piece, done by the Ten Network showbiz reporter Angela Bishop, that was filled with the same old biggest fanclub, millions of record sold spiel spoken over the Partridge Family and old seventies concert footage. He was wearing a light blue denim shirt and blue jeans and light bluish tinted glasses.

* Angela asked him what he does with the underwear thrown at him and he says ( with a big grin) he collects them and put them on in the hotel room after the show. She suggests that this is too much information and he says with mock concern that he didn't intend to reveal so much about himself.

* Angela talks about how David was the first star to be so merchandised. He describes the various products that were sold with his face and said they made half a billion dollars and he got $5,000.

* Angela's says that she has heard a wisper that his daughter has a singing career now. He laughs and says its a whisper isn't it. ( I think meaning that it is not exactly a career ) Angela says that she has recorded his old hit 'I Think I love You'. David says he heard that too. Angela asks - so it's a rumour then? David says- I don't know. Angela is confused and says so she didn't record it? David says - Well, I don't live with her and I only got to know her a few years ago, but yes I understand this happened.

* They then cut to a clip of 'Ain't No Sunshine' and plug the concerts and the piece is over.

Not the best piece. It started off good and ended a bit negative. Looks like it was edited somewhat so it's a pity that he comes off a bit cold when talking about Katie. Maybe he isn't so prepared to be asked questions about her.


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