David Cassidy Television.

Appearances during 2002 Australian Tour

The Fat

9.30pm, September 16, 2002

Here is an overview of David's second TV appearance. The Fat ( called 'The Fat' as in chewing the fat) is a Sports show and usually only has sports people on. There is a host and a panel of 6 regulars and guests sitting on either side of the host. It is taped in front of a live audience an hour before going to air.

David was on in the last 20 mins of the show. He was wearing the same thing as the previous show - dark blue/grey silky shirt and jeans. He commented that he had just arrived and had not slept for 36 hours. He looked a bit tired and seemed to struggle a bit during his song at the end - although he was laughing all the way through it so maybe that's why he sounded a bit breathless to me.

The panel fired questions at him and he did a good job keeping up with them. Here is what was said:

* They asked David what does he do with all the lingerie thrown at him - does he check the size? Put it in a bag ? No he says - "I wear it" - (insert big DC grin here)

* He has the whole panel laughing when they ask if it is weird going from being the centre of so many people's world to where... David cuts in and says "nobody gives a shit".

* They go on to chatting about sport and David says he knows only a bit about Aussie sport and gets a ribbing from the panel saying that he should have done his homework before coming on the show.

*They comment that David is a big sports lover and he talks about baseball and his horses (has horses in Kentucky and Florida). He says he wants to go to the Melbourne Cup - Australia's biggest horserace -which just happens to be run the week he is in Melbourne in November. The Fat panel promises to take him to the Cup.

*They ask about Danny and Susan and David makes a joke that they were killed in a tragic bus accident. He then says that Danny is doing fine and is out prison. I think he was about to clarify further but they moved on to the next question.

* They ask him about living next door to Mike Tyson. David says that he is the pauper in his neighbourhood and that Mike Tyson lives about 200 yards away. He is not sure how much time he spend there but says he has bad taste and Tysons house is up for sale at $10 million. He said that he hopes Tyson disappears from boxing and that he thinks he is a criminal. He is a boxing fan and they discuss the recent De la Hoya (no idea if the spelling is right) fight.

* The panel asks about Katie following in his footsteps. He was surprisingly strong in his answer. He said that he does not in anyway support anyone going into the music business unless they have a proper education first. He was not consulted and would not have endorsed it if he was asked. The business is filled with people just looking to make money. He has never heard Katie sing. The panel was a bit stunned and asked why and he said that she does not live with him and did not have a longstanding relationship with her mother.

* He then went on to sing "I Woke Up in Love this Morning". He played a black and white guitar and had no band, just 2 backup singers ( looked like his regular girls). He was singing live and lost it to giggles a few times after the.... pillow that I'm .... and I'm kissing bit.

* After the credits there was a promo of David and the host plugging audience tickets for next weeks show. David still had his guitar pick in his hand and his other arm was around the host Tony. He said - Hi I'm David Cassidy and obviously he's not. You might be wondering what we are doing here - actually he's my lover -Tony's surprised face was hilarious as he sat there in silence mugging while DC read out the rest of the promo.

It was a good way to end a delightful appearance.


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