David Cassidy Television.

Appearances during 2002 Australian Tour

The 7.30 Report

September 16, 2002

Here is an overview of David's first Aussie TV appearance on the 7.30 Report. It is a national news show so it was on the last 10 minutes or so and filled with lots of clips from the PF and his 70's touring days. He was wearing blue jeans and a dark blue/grey silk shirt and sitting behind a desk.

Here is what he said:

* The last time we all saw him was 28 years ago when he played stadiums and then was gone. He said "Now I'm back and its like what happened to your hair and where are your pukka shells?" with a big DC grin on his face.

* Today's music industry is all a TV marketing thing and while there are some real talents out there they are mostly cookie cut outs.

* Touring in the seventies was an empty experience for him, the band was partying and having a great time while he was in his room wondering what's on TV and if he could get baked beans on toast.

* He remembers that Aussies love the sun, and love to drink, smoke, gamble and horseracing - says "my kind of people" with another DC big grin.

* All of the people touring with him are looking forward to coming to Australia more than anywhere else.

* There was snippets of Aussie Rock Historian Glenn A. Baker making comments as to how popular David was in the seventies and he had a wonderful phrase which will make all you Brits laugh - there is a whole generation of British girls that will carry a flame for DC until they are carted off in pine boxes.

* There was also a bit with a big DC fan showing her DC memorabilia - she is now editor of the Australian Newspaper - which explains why they are going to run a DC article some time this week - this is a very serious news heavy type of paper not known for interviewing visiting celebs.

Well that's it.


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