David Cassidy Television.

David Cassidy - Producer

In Search of the Partridge Family

2004 TV Series. David was co-executive producer. This series was a "search" for new actors to play the roles of the Partridge Family in the spin-off series, "The New Partridge Family". David was also co-executive producer of this show but it didn't go to air.

David Cassidy Live in Glasgow

2002 Music Video recorded live at the Clyde Auditorium. David Cassidy performed many of his hits. He was also executive producer

The David Cassidy Story

2000 TV Movie. David Cassidy was executive producer. David also makes an appearance at the end. See the separate page for photographs.

Ask Harriet (Writer and Producer!)

1998 TV Comedy Series. David was a co-producer and writer on this series.

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