David Cassidy Television.

Appearances during 2002 Australian Tour

The Today Show

7-9am Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Here is an overview of David's appearance on the Today Show

The show announced that DC was running late after 8.00am. I think he was probably scheduled to appear live in the studio but something must have happened because instead he was interviewed live from the roof of the Intercontinental Hotel where he is staying.

The Intercontinental is in a prime spot on Sydney Harbour and has fabulous views, but from where he was standing you could not see much of it. I guess they tried to keep him out of the blustering wind as he was complaining about our cloudy and chilly weather today.

He was wearing a light blue denim shirt , blue jeans, blue sunglasses and a big smile. He looked very relaxed. The interviewer was Tracey Grimshaw (one of the hosts) who was obviously a fan and looked like the guys in the studio were teasing her.

This is what they said

* it starts off with David pretending to be freezing and saying that he would be speaking to whomever arranged for him to be up there. Tracey says that they thought he would be sitting next to her in the studio, but his publicist thought it best to keep him away for some reason. He says, flirtingly, that they had him sign an agreement that he could not sit next to any beautiful women while he was here. She gushes.

* Tracey confesses that she is an enthusiastic fan and she wanted to marry him when she was 10. He says - Well it's never too late.

* Tracey says it must be nice this time for him to ride in the front seat of the car and not hiding in the trunk like last time. David says that they arrived yesterday after a 30hr trip (must have come from London) and has so many vivid memories of Australia. He was able to walk around the Botanical Gardens (right next door to his hotel) yesterday and saw many beautiful things in the city.

* He plugs the new album and says he is so looking forward to touring after so many years and that he recognises that it is very difficult to tour in a country where no one has heard anything from you in 28 years although he has been working in the States.

* Tracey asks whose idea was it to start touring again. He explains that he had not toured in the US for 10 years and talks about the progress from Broadway, to Vegas to recording and touring and how successful the CD was in Britain. He always wanted to come back to tour here.

* Tracey talks about his retirement in 74 and asks why he did it and if he misses all of it. He explains that he left it because he had no where else to go and was really burnt out. He said that alot of people think he left it because he didn't like what he was doing but it's not true. He really loved it. He misses parts of it and is glad that the fans have stayed so loyal and are still around.

* He says that after 9/11 he realised that he is just not an entertainer but someone that has brought light and happiness into peoples lives.

* Tracey asks him to talk about John Lennon and he talks about jamming with John in his bedroom in New Years 1975. He says they were both really drunk and he played very early Beatle songs with John and had to remind him how they go. He said it was his childhood fantasy because he got to sing all the Paul McCartney parts. He said he got to know John quite well and thought he was a kind and wonderful man.

* Tracey wishes him well for the rest of his stay and its over.

* Tracey says to her co-host what a nice man David is and he agrees. She says and he rides horses too (a passion of hers) and jokes she should have married him after all - but he is already married.

It was a good relaxed interview but with an annoying amount of Partridge Family footage played over the top and not enough of David while he was talking.


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