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Officer Dan Shay was a married policeman in his twenties with the Los Angeles Police Department. Since he looked much younger than his age, he was very useful in undercover situations. He often posed as a student or a naive young man on the wrong side of the law. Keeping his head together at home was his cute wife Joanne and young daughter Cindy, while Sgt. Abrams was his firm police superior.

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Episode Guide

Pilot. Police Story: A Chance to Live

First aired: May 28, 1978

The head of an undercover narcotics division assigns a young policeman, Dan Shay, to infiltrate a high-school drug ring.

1. Running the Hill

First aired: November 2, 1978

Shay poses as a hot-rod enthusiast to infiltrate a gang of supermarket thieves.

2. Baby Makes Three

First aired: November 9, 1978

Posing as a college student, Shay infiltrates a baby-selling ring.

3. Cage of Steel

First aired: November 16, 1978

4. Deadly Convoy

First aired: November 23, 1978

Shay infiltrates a violent gang of motorcycle thieves.

5. Flashpoint

First aired: December 7, 1978

Shay poses as a drifter to track down the killer of two prostitutes.

6. RX For Dying

First aired: December 21, 1978

Posing as a patient, Shay makes an office call on a crooked doctor.

7. Firestorm

First aired: December 28, 1978

Shay becomes a produce truck driver to nab an organized-crime arsonist and the Mob's top man.

8. Teammates

First aired: January 4,1979

Working with a federal agent, Shay poses as a weapons buyer to make a case against an arms dealer.

9. Nightwork

First aired:July 5, 1979

Shay poses as a junkie and uses a drug abuser to track down a robber.

10. Death Is A Close Friend, Too

First aired: July 12, 1979

Shay goes undercover as a junkie to nab a gang of bank robbers.

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