David Cassidy Television.

TV Shows - Guest Appearances


Aug. - American Bandstand

May - The Dating Game

The Larry Kane Show - Local Atlanta Show. David sang I Think I Love You.

The Tuby and Lester Show - Local Atlanta Children's Show

American Music Awards


David sings Danny Boy.

Mar. 16 - 13th Grammy Awards - David and Shirley were presenters

Apr. 29 - This Is Your Life - Shirley Jones Honoured

May 9 - The 23rd Annual Emmy Awards Show. Host Johnny Carson. David was an award presenter

Aug. 26 - The Merv Griffin Show. Jack Cassidy was host. David sang Danny Boy with Jack Cassidy. (picture on right)

Oct. 1 - 50th annual Photoplay Gold Medal Awards, presented on a special live broadcast of "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour".

Oct. 24 - The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. Variety show.


June 12 - Tonight Show

October 1 - Ask Aspel. Michael Aspel interviews David Cassidy. UK TV

October 5 - The Bob Hope Special NBC-TV.

Top Of The Pops, Britain

Nationwide, Britain

Top Pop. Dutch TV show. David sang "How Can I Be Sure".


March - Estelar Del Sabado (Stars On Saturday), Madrid. David sang two songs.

March 3 - Radio Luxembourg Golden Lion Awards at Westfallenhalle, Luxemburg. David sang "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love".

March 6 & 7 - Rehearsing & taping for French TV network ORTF-TV Paris. David sang Daydreamer and played the piano.

March - Blue Peter. Britain.

March 11 - Inside & Outside. Antwerp TV. Interview with live footage from a concert.

March 22 - Weekend At Wembley This was part of "This Week" series on Thames Televisions. It was a report on David's visit to the UK and showed some concert footage.

October 3 - The BBC flew David Cassidy to the UK, filmed him on the tarmac at Heathrow as they couldn't guarantee his safety over at the Shepherd's Bush studios, then he promptly got back on the plane and flew home again.

October 4 - Top Of The Pops. David sang Daydreamer. Filmed the day before at Heathrow.

December 25 - Top Of The Pops. David sang Daydreamer.

Unknown date - Top Of The Pops, UK TV. David sang Some Kind Of Summer


Thursday March 7 - Melbourne, Australia. News Channel 7, 8.30pm. Had coverage of David arriving at Melbourne Airport and being greeted by screaming fans.

Friday March 8 - Melbourne, Australia. TV Week Logie Awards. David was a presenter.

Saturday March 9 - Melbourne, Australia. David on the phone to Radio station 3XY.

Saturday March 9 - Melbourne, Australia. David appeard on the Do - It Show. David spoke to the hosts, Ian Meldrum and Ian Buckland, and fans via the telephone rather than appear in the studio because his laundry had been stolen.

Sunday March 10 - This Week. Melbourne, Australia. Channel 7, 10pm. David spoke at a press conference on March 7 just after arriving in Melbourne..

Sunday March 10 - Melbourne. Channel 7 News. Had coverage of David's concert that day at the MCG.

Monday March 11 - Melbourne. Radio station 3XY had a special show on David at 8pm.

April 22 - "David Cassidy - To Australia With Love." This covered David's Tour in Australia and showed footage of interviews around Sydney harbour and also concert footage of Sydney on March 2nd, 1974.

April - French TV. David Sang "Rock Me Baby"

May 4 - Top à, French TV program. David sang "Daydreamer"

May 15 - Musikladen (German Music Show), David sang "Rock me Baby" (taped on the DVD Glamrock)

May - Yorkshire Television music show with host Ed Stewart.

June 13 - Domino. French TV show. David sang "Rock Me Baby"

July 4 - Good Night America

October 25 - King Of Pop Awards. Melbourne, Australia. Channel 0. David was guest presenter.

October 29 - What Is Countdown? Australian ABC-TV promotional film.


Kup Show

Top of The Pops - UK

Feb. 10 - Wheel of Fortune - Game Show, Guest Star

June 23 - Today Show, Themes Television. David also filmed the Top Of The Pops clip shown on July 10th.

June 25 - Jim'll Fix It Show (Jimmy Saville) at the BBC Television Centre in Shepherds Bush, UK.

July 3 - Toppop (Holland). David performed two songs: 'I Write The Songs' & 'Get It Up For Love'. David arrived in Holland at 10:15 on July 3rd on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany and left at 17:45 on July 4th on an Air France flight to Paris.

July 5 - Disco '75 (German Music Show). David sang "Get It Up for Love."

July 10 - Top Of The Pops. David sang "I Write The Songs". The clip was later shown on BCR "Shangalang" series. This was then repeated on the Granada Plus channel in the UK.


March - Themes Television

March 20 - Samedi est à vous, a French TV show. David sang "Run And Hide"

March 28 - Système deux. French TV show. David sang "On Fire"

Oct. 5 - The Wolfman Jack Show - Canadian Variety Show. Sang "Get It Up for Love" and 'Junked Heart Blues."

The Russell Harty Show - UK. David sang 'Then I'll Be Someone'.

Date unknown - Tiswas ("Today Is Saturday Watch And Smile") UK Saturday morning TV show. David sang Tomorrow


Nov. 20 - Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes 2, a CBS TV special. David was beaten by Susan Saint James in a swimming event. The show was filmed in Los Angeles.

Nov. 27 - The Partridge Family/My Three Sons Reunion - Thanksgiving Day Special. David sang 'Strengthen My Love' and 'As Time Goes By' during the show.


April 1 - The Wolfman Jack Show aired.

October 29 - Dinah - Host Dinah Shore talked with DC about "Police Story" and mentioned Emmy nomination.

The Today Show

Top of The Pops

Talk About Pictures. Henry Diltz and David Cassidy. Exact date unknown


July 23 - Good Morning America. David and Kay Lenz were guests.

Battle of the Sexes


P.M. Magazine - San Diego, Ca

May - AM Los Angeles

May 20 - Merv Griffin Show - Sang "Life's a funny proposition" & "Give my regards to Broadway"

June 16 -John Davidson Show

July 6 - Seattle Tonight PM Magazine - Ohio

July 16 - Hour Magazine - Los Angeles, CA

July 26 - Hour Magazine

August 11 - A.M. Chicago. 9am on Channel 7.

Kelly & Company

Viewpoint with Debra Hussong


May - AM Los Angeles

May 30 - Satellite Live. National talk show, live from Hollywood

June 9 - Summer Magazine - CBC TV - Canada. Host Bob Chelmick.

June 10 - Electric Lunch with John Clark - CKXL. Canada

June 16 - CHQR - Interview with Scott Edwards. Canada

June 16 - CHQR interview with Don Daniels.

June 17 - CFCN TV live with Maria Hohtanz, Calgary, Canada

June 19 - CFCN TV Live with Marie Hohtanz - Calgary,Canada

Dec - Frank Mills Christmas Special Canada - Sang White Christmas & with Shirley Jones sang "Winter Wonderland."

Date unknown - Today Show


March - Midday

March 14 - Live At Five (NBC)

March - The Morning Show

March 23 - Today Show (NBC)

April 29 - Entertainment Tonight April 30 - Two On The Town (CBS)

May 20 - 5 PM News ABC

May 22 - The Parade of Stars - ABC - Sang "Give My Regards To Broadway"

June 5 - The 37th Annual Tony Awards (Presenter)

June 14 - Merv Griffin Show - Sang "Any Dream Will Do"

July 6 -Entertainment Tonight (with then finance' Meryl Tanz at Race Track)

Sept. 18 - AM Today

Oct. 17 - Good Morning Houston - Texas

Dec. 5 - Canada AM - Hosted by Pam Wallin

Dec. 19 - The Jack Bogut Show. Morning TV show. Pittsburg.

Dec. - Barbara McLeod Show - CBC TV Canada

Dec. - Global, CBC, City - Canada

Dec. - Spotlight CBC with Bill Harrington - Canada

Dec. - City TV with Jeanie Becker - Canada

Dec. 20 - Entertainment Tonight (About David joining Shirley in concert in Pittsburg, PA to sing "A Christmas Song" on Sunday, Dec. 16)

The Bill Boggs Show

John Davidson Show


April - Bill Braun Show - Cincinnati

July 16 - AM Cleveland Live - Ohio. Local NBC - WKYC 3. Host Schott Newell (Promote Joseph)

July 16 - AM News - Cleveland, Ohio

July 19 - The Morning Exchange

Aug. - KSHB, Ch 41 - Kansas City (Promote JC Superstar)

Aug. - KLSI, Ch 9 - Kansas City

Aug. - KCTV, Ch 5 - Kansas City

Aug. 10 - 6 O'clock News - WDAF, CH 4 - Kansas City


Feb. 15 - British Record Industry Awards. BBC One's "Friday People". David wore a white tuxedo and black bow tie. When asked what he'd do if he wasn't in showbusiness, he replied he'd like to be a jockey after all he's short enough to be one.

Feb. 20 - Terry Wogan Show - Britain. Premier of "The Last Kiss" video

Feb. 21 - Breakfast TV- Britain

Feb. 22 - Kay Channel (Cable) - Britain

Feb. 23 - Saturday Starship - Independent TV - Britain

Feb 25 - Gloria Hunniford Show. Interview.

March 7 - Top Of The Pops - Britain

March 15 - Friday People - Britain (Filmed at Ivor Novella Awards on March 16)

March 13 - That's A Life - Hosts Ann Rohmer & Pater Feniak

March 16 - Wide Awake Club

March 16 - Kenny Everet Show. Taped Feb 26th.

March 21 - Saturday Superstore - David's video clip of "The Last Kiss" was played . David gave away some singles and the jogging clothes he wore in the video clip.

March 25 - Wide Awake Club (Children's Saturday TV) - Britain

March 28 - Coast to Coast - Britain (Also has UK fan club president Katy Leuty)

March - Roundtable - Britain

April 1 - Toppop - Holland. David sang "The Last Kiss."

April 4 - Mike - Belgain TV show. David sang "The Last Kiss".

April 4 & 5 - Musicbox - Germany, Live Cable TV with host Thomas Gottschalk

April 6 - Na Sowas - Germany. David sang The Last Kiss.

April 8 - Sky Channel - Holland (Filmed April 2). David sang The Last Kiss.

April 12 - La Belle Vie - France with host Sasha Distel

April 16 - Die Spielbude - Germany. David sang The Last Kiss (Filmed April 3)

April 28 - on Italian show "Azzurro" - David sang "The Last Kiss" (This show was re-run years later on IIeri e Oggi TV rete 4 (Channel 4)).

May - Gala Superazzurro - Italy

May 8 - Razzmatazz Live - Britain

May 9 - Breakfast Time - BBC 1 - Britain

May - Saturday Superstore - Britain

May 11 - Saturday Picture Show - Britain

May 27 - Wide Awake Club - Britain

June 1 - The Kenny Evert Show - Britain (Filmed May 18)

June 14 - WWF Club -Germany -Sang "Romance."

June 14 - Bauer TV (connected with Bravo Mag.) - Germany

June 16 - Bravo TV Star Portrait

June ? to 28 - Musicbox - Britain (An interview with different parts shown of various days of that month)

July 7 - London Calling - MTV - USA

Splash - Britain

Sept 12 - Cheggers Plays Pop - Britain - Sang "Someone"

Sept. 20 - Bliss - Britain. Sang "Someone" in the middle of a bunch of Balloons.

Music Box - Britain

Oct. 3 - Pebble Mill At One - Britain. Sang "I Am A Clown."

Oct. 24 - Good Morning America - Live from London


Entertainment Tonight

Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous


Jan. 9 - BBC News - Britain. Announced David's arrival in Britain.

Dec. 15 - Wogan Show

Dec. 16 - TV AM (Breakfast TV)

Dec. 18 - TV AM

Entertainment Tonight - Hollywood Memories


January 19 - After Nine. UK TV interview.

Regis & Kathy Lee

March 19 - Freizeit Revue. German TV

April 12 - Live at the Palladium - Britain. David sung "In My Defence" from TIME the musical.

April - The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross. Channel 4. UK TV.

August 25 - Morning Program

October 19 - Kilroy. A UK TV show

AM Los Angeles.

ET-Where Are They Now


Win, Lose or Draw -Game Show - Celebrity Guest

Early May? -AM Toronto. David was interviewed and spoke mainly about his episode in Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Nov. 13 - David appeared on a Benefit show in Los Angeles to collect money for TAPS - The Advancement of Prosthetic Services (An organisation that finances hand prosthetics). The show was arranged by his mom, cousin Al was also there because he's a producer of prosthetic hands. Sue was announced as his fiancée.


Jan. 22 - Access Hollywood - Recording theme to ask Harriet & up-dated ITILY

August 12 - Story of Rock 'N' Roll. Featured: Paul Anka, Fabian, David Cassidy, Frankie Avalon, Wham, Durna Duran.

May 1 - Russian TV coverage of David's May 1st concert.


Eye on Tampa Bay

AM Los Angeles

Benezra (France)

Bravo (Italy)

June 6 - International Rock Awards. Recorded at New York's 69th Battalion State Armory. David presented the MVP-Drums award to Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones.

Sept. 6 - MTV Music Television Awards. David appeared with Susan Dey. Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA

Sept. 7 - CNN Showbiz

Sept. 25 - Benezra Canada

Sept. ET with David Cassidy

Oct. 1 - Good Morning America.

Oct. 2 - Regis & Kathie Lee. Morning Talk Show. Pennsylvania

Oct. 5 - CNN Showbiz

Oct. 11 - Arsenio Hall Show

Oct. 29 - Morning Exchange, Cleveland.

Oct. - Week in Rock

Oct - Inside Entertainment

Oct. 31 - Paul Rodriguez Show. David sang "Lyin' To Myself" & "Message To The World"

The New Music

Northwest Afternoon, Seattle

MTV Interview

Oct. ET with David Cassidy

NBC Boston (90?)

Nov. 8 - Good Day LA. Morning TV show. David promoted his new CD, "David Cassidy".

Nov. 11 - Rock 'N Talk.

Nov. 12 - Joan Rivers Talk Show

Nov. 19 - Entertainment Weekly "Personalities"

Dec. 16 - Weekend With Crook And Chase. David was interviewed.

Dec. 23 - Top 90 Of 90. Presenting the Best Videos of the past year. David was one of the presenters.

Dec - Entertainment Tonight

Mr Movie. David was interviewed about the release of 'Spirit Of 76'.

Sunday Night with Mike Gousha

Late 1990 - KVOA TV Tucson

Persona Video Magazine



AM Buffalo

January 26 - TV Censored Bloopers.

January 28 - 18th Annual American Music Awards

February 28 - Voices That Care. On the Fox network, USA. David was a member of the choir.

April 5 - Orlando US Awards

April 26 - CBS This Morning

April - Tom Arnold "The Naked Truth"

May 17 - Memories Then And Now.

July - Attitudes. David promoted his new CD "David Cassidy".

Sept. 17 - Regis & Kathie Lee

Sept. 23 - This Morning (New York)

Sept. 23 - Geraldo Show. David Cassidy, Danny Bonaduce, Dave Madden, and a telephone linkup with Shirley Jones and Evelyn Ward. David sang Cherish and I'll Meet You Halfway. David discussed life after The Partridge Family.

Sept. 25 - Noonday News, Atlanta

October 1 - Kelly & Company - Detroit. Great interview. Included wife Sue and then baby Beau.

Oct. 2 - Live on 5, Cleveland

Oct. 10 - People are Talking.

Oct. 31 - The Mr. Pete Show. LA, USA. David was was promoting his upcoming concerts in San Diego and The Greek Theater in L.A

Nov. 4 - KTLA Morning News Live, promoting the tour

Dec. 11 - ONE ON ONE with Sandy Newman

Dec. 26 - Attitudes. Talk Show

Evening Magazine


May 16 - American Bandstand 40th Anniversary Special. David performed with Bo Diddley and other artists.

July - RTL Guten Morgen Deutschland (Interview in Austria about Ein Schloss am Worthersee.

July 29 - E! Entertainment Television. David and Sue were interviewed when 'Stand And Be Proud' was released.

August - Inside Word. David promoted his new CD 'Didn't You Used To Be' and also his upcoming tour with the Beach Boys.

August 14 - Late Mr Pete Show.

December 11 - One On One With John Tesh

December 13 - Ben Stiller Show. The skit was called "The Let-Go Clinic with Tony Bobbins". This show was tapped in October 1992.

Arsenio Hall Show

One on One

Politically Incorrect

Home Videos of The Stars

Then And Now. Retrospective on David Cassidy.


July 12 - Today show. David sang "I Think I Love You".

July 13 - Arsenio Hall. Shirley, David and Danny appeared on this show.

July 14 - KTLA Morning Show. Ch5

July 18 - GMA Sunday. (Good Morning America)

July 27 - London Tonight

August 19 - Good Morning America. David and Shaun were guests.

August 25 - Showbiz Today - Blood Brothers. David and Shaun.

August 26 - Live with Regis and Kelly. David and Shaun sing "Tell Me It's Not True".

September 11 - Living In Lakes

Good Morning America. David is looking for an apartment in New York

Blood Brothers Commercial - Various US Cities.

Good Day Chicago

This Is Your Life David was honored.

Mike & Maty

American Theatre Wing

KTLA Morning News - Blood Brothers

Ch7 At The Theatre - Blood Brothers

Ch13 - Blood Brothers

Entertainment tonight - David & Shaun in Blood Bros.

First Person - US TV show with Maria Shriver. David had just finished Blood Brothers.

November 22 - People Magazine

Idols. Documentary on what it's like to be a teen idol.

CNN - Blood Brothers. David discusses his role in Blood Brothers.

B Movie Awards. David was a presenter.


E! Entertainment. Blood Brothers.

Today Show - Sang ITILY

American Bandstand's Teen Idol

Good Morning America. David and Shaun appeared.

January 15 - MTV Softball Game MTV's 5th Annual Rock 'n Jock Softball game.

Feb 13 - Random Acts of Variety.

Feb - Tonight Show. David was a guest of Jay Leno to promote his first autobiography.

June 6 - Tonight Show

June 19 - Today. David discussed his book "C'mon Get Happy"

June 24 - Today.

June 24 - E! Hard Rock Cafe

June 25 - Late Show with Conan O'Brien

July 6 - KTLA Morning News

July 11 - Later with Greg Kinnear (Talk Show)

July - Bretano's Book Tour

Good Morning America - David and Shaun

Jon Stewart Show. David recounts a very funny time during Blood Brothers when a silver fish crawled up his nose.


What would you do - talking about Blood Brothers and book

David in Orlando - Interview at Disney World

Morning Show - Book Promo

Politically Incorrect

Sally Jessie Raphael - Shirley's 60th, all Cassidy brothers appeared

R&R with Roger Rose.

VH1 Music Talks. David speaks about TV, acting, writing and recording.

Queens. Lifestyle Television.


Feb 17 - Mornings on Two - San Francisco, CA

March - Interview on Los Angeles TV

March 14 - KTLA Morning Show - Los Angeles, CA

March 15 - Eyewitness News, LA. David promoted Blood Brothers.

E! Entertainment

Oct. 12 - VH1 Sunday Brunch.

Nov - Bristol TV. David switches on the Christmas lights.

Dec. - Pebble Mill. David and Suzie Q were both guests.

8 Track Flashback. This show included a video clip from 1970.


January 7 - Sunday Brunch

E! Entertainment

Pamela Wallin Show - Canada

March 6 - This Is Your Life Petula Clark. David was a surprise guest. The show was filmed on March 1st, 1996.

March 6 - Selina Scott Show - interview with David.

April - Dini Petty Show -Toronto, Canada

May 26 - Jorg Wontorra Show. Interview & I Am A Clown. Taped on this day.

June 10 - AM Buffalo

June 12 - Canada M.M.

June 12 - Eye on Toronto - Canada

June 22 - Jane Hawtin Live on CHCH TV (Toronto & British Columbia, Canada)

Aug. 19-23 - VH1's 8-Track Flashback - David hosted the series on VH1

Sept. 10 - Regis & Kathie Lee. Morning Talk Show. Niagara

Nov. 22 - The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

Nov - Bill Boggs interviews David in the Time Machine of EFX.

Dec. 2 - 10 Of The Best. David hosted this show on VH1


Jan. 17 - KTLA Morning News

April 23 - CBS This Morning

April 24 - Exclusiv-das Starmagazin (Germany)

June - ABC TV World News Now

June 21 - 31st Annual Victor Awards. David presented the award for the Rookie Professional Basketball Player of the Year. The program was shown on the SKY network and filmed in Las Vegas. Further details here.

June 28 - Drew Carey's "Mr. Las Vegas All Night Party." HBO. David sang "Ain't No Sunshine.

Aug. 3 - Good Morning America - DC made comments on teen group "Hanson."

Oct. 16 - Arthel and Fred - syndicated morning talk show.

Nov. 19 - E! Entertainment "E News Daily" in segment "Out To Lunch."

Dec. 4 - Access Hollywood - David PF segment

Dec. 8 - Billboard Awards - Sang ITILY

Dec. 19 - Great Stuff - CNBC cable talk show.

Theme Parks a go-go.

Levis Commercial - uses song ITILY

Close to You: Remembering the Carpenters. Shows achival footage of David Cassidy. Richard Carpenter talks about the success of the Carpenters and their impact on music.


E! Entertainment

Jan. - Famous Families. "The Cassidy's"

Jan. 22 - Access Hollywood - About "Ask Harriet" new ITILY

Feb. 10 - Wheel of Fortune - Walk on appearance

March - Where Are They Now? 70's Teen Idols - VH1

April 1 - Teen pregnancy Public Service Announcement was sent to 111 TV stations all over California

May 18 - KTLA Morning News

May 26 - Entertainment Tonight - "Old Trick/New Dog" release party.

June 15 - The Magic Hour. David sang "I Think I Love You" to promote his new CD "Old Trick, New Dog". (Talk show hosted by "Magic" Johnson)

June 16 - Howie Mandel Show, David sang "No Bridge I Wouldn´t Cross"

June 18 - David sold a 2CD set exclusively on the QVC Shopping Network. The set, on Slamajama Records, included his latest album, 'Old Trick, New Dog,' and 'David Cassidy`s Partridge Family Favorites,' priced at $18 for both CDs.

July 3 - The Today Show

July 29 - Northwest Afternoon. Talk show from Seattle WA. David sang 'I Think I Love You'.

Aug 8 - QVC Shopping to sell "Old Trick, New Dog" with special added disco dance version of ITILY

Aug 10 - "Blitzlicht (Flash light) - Germany

Aug. 17 - "Granada men and Motors" episode "E-Extreme closeup - England

The Daily Show - Comedy Central Cable Station

Sept. 6 - Viva Variety - Comedy Central

Sept. 7 - Sin City Spectacular

Sept. 8 - The View. US talk show. David sang ITILY & "You were the one" from his recent CD, "Old Trick, New Dog".

Nov. 12 - Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher - Cable talk show.

Nov. 21 - Fairway To Heaven celebrity golf tournament. VH1.

Nov. 25 - Entertainment Tonight - showed clip of "No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross" video

Dec. 9 - Prime Time Country - TNN (The Nashville Network)

Dec. 12 - David Cassidy Teenage Dream - BBC 1 documentary - Britain

Dec. 20 - Behind The Music. Season 2, Episode #54.

CBS This Morning


Jan. 4 - Famous Families - Fox Family Cable Station. Documentary with "The Cassidys" in the first hour and "The Osmonds" in the second hour.

Jan 30 - "Wild On Vegas Strip" - Cable TV show

Feb. 25 - News at Noon - WN-TV News, Chicago

March 28 - Bill Boggs corner Table - Food network cable station.

June 21 - Teen Dream aired in Holland

June 25 - Bay TV Morning show - San Francisco to promote Caesar's Tahoe concert

June 26 - Mornings on 2 - Fox TV - San Francisco

July 2 - American Century Celebrity Championship Golf Tournament - Cable TV's The Golf Channel. (Was in Lake Tahoe)

July 24 - Random Play - VH1. A sketch-comedy series that targets the world of music and features guest spots by celebrities. David Cassidy appears in the opener. A cute comedy sketch with two female record company execs who are old PF fans.

July 27 - David Cassidy Documentary - BRAVO (Revamped BBC's "Teenage Dream" with some extra footage.)

Aug. 29 - Teenage Dream aired in New Zealand

Sept. 13 - True Hollywood Story" The Partridge Family - E! Cable Station Documentary.

Sept. 15 - Entertainment Tonight - Partridge Family Interview

Sept. 28 - Truth Behind the Sitcoms. Some of the biggest television stars of the '70s discuss the backstage shenanigans on their shows, including "The Brady Bunch" and "Three's Company." With Florence Henderson, John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, Joyce DeWitt, Shirley Jones and David Cassidy.

Nov. 8 - Biography - A&E Bio on Sam Mineo. David was interviewed as a friend of his.

Nov. 13 - Come On, Get Happy - The Partridge Family Story. (Danny's version of what happened with some stuff made up. David didn't actually appear but was portrayed by an actor.)

Nov. 15 - Entertainment Tonight - About The DC Story

Nov. - Inside Edition - On DC Story

Nov. 20 - Access Hollywood - about "The Rat Pack Is Back."

Nov. 20 - Fairway to Heaven - VH1 Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Nov. 27 - Teenage Dream broadcast in Norway.

The Rosie O'Donnell Show - David and Sue promoted the CD "Message To The World" to aid young war victims of Bosnia and Croatia.


Jan 2 - Partridge Family Behind The Music - Documentary - VH1. Features studio musicians and singers that created the music behind the 1970s TV series "The Partridge Family." Includes interviews with David Cassidy and others. Season 3, #96

Feb. - The Early Show - CBS - Promote "At The Copa."

Feb. - Los Angeles ABC News at 4:00 - "Copa"

March 13 - Entertainment Las Vegas Style - Segment on "Copa"

April 16 - Headliners and Legends - MSNBS Special on David

May 15 - Eyewitness News - KABC - Los Angeles

May 30 - Homepage - MSNBC - New York - Promote Golf Tournament/Retro Ball for Kids Charities

May 31 - Fox & Friends - Fox News cable show

May 31 - The View - ABC Talk Show Read the article about David's appearance.

June 6 - Good Morning Arizona - Promoting Retro Ball

June 27 - Good Morning L.A.

Aug. 5 - I Love 1970's. I love 1972 Episode.

? - VH1 Decision 2000 - David came in Number ONE for "All Time favorite Teen Idol."

Sept 23 - This Is Your Life (David Cassidy) - BBC in England

November 29 - Las Vegas local news. David Cassidy lit the Christmas tree at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Dec. 6 - The Sheena Easton Story. BBC - Britain. A biography of the singer. David was one of the people interviewed about Sheena and a clip of them together in "At The Copa" was shown.

KTLA 5 News. David at the Copa

The Early Show With Marth Quinn. "David at the Copa".


Jan. 6 - Entertainment Tonight, a look back at the TV teen idols of the past including Kirk Cameron, David Cassidy, Scott Baio and Davy Jones.

Jan. 13 - Pyjama Party - Surprise Guest Heart-throbs of the 70's July - The Last Show with Craig Kilborn (Filmed in 1999)

Jan. 30 - Truth Behind the Sitcoms. Some of the biggest television stars of the '70s discuss the backstage shenanigans on their shows, including "The Brady Bunch" and "Three's Company." With Florence Henderson, John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, Joyce DeWitt, Shirley Jones and David Cassidy.

Feb. 3 - Top Ten Teen Idols Special. BBC - Britain. David was voted number 2. (Donny Osmond was voted number 1.) Clips included David singing "Rock Me Baby" from the Dutch show TOPPOP, "I Think I Love You," "Daydreamer," and "If I Didn't Care." Also footage of him in the audience of "At The Copa."

April - Heartthrobs of the 70's - Britian

April 27 - Fox. Good Day Philadelphia. Interview with David about his shows in Atlantic City.

July 12 - The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

July 14 - Politically Incorrect - US Cable Political Talk Show

Aug. 7 - WB Morning News - Local New York city non-cable station.

Aug. 11 - Judith Regan Tonight - Fox News Cable.

August - WB11 Morning show.

August 27 - Showtime Vegas - Travel channel. David was interviewed about "At The Copa" and "The Rat Pack Is Back". The show was repeated on September 1, 2001.

Aug. 27 to Sept. 9 - Burger King Commercials ran ads with the song "I Woke Up In Love This Morning" to sell their Breakfast "Croisssan'wich."

Sept. 19 - Listening to America - VH1 News Special (Various celebrity reactions to Sept. 11 attack.)

Sept. 27 - ITV's This Morning Show. Dressed all in black with a black leather jacket, David talked about the early days, EFX At The Copa Rat Pack and Blood Brothers, his first UK tour in 15 years. David sat on a stool, played guitar and sang Ain't No Sunshine live. David talked about the LA riots and Stand And Be Proud, the recent events in New York, and that his two concerts in New Orleans had raised 1.25 million dollars for New York.

September - Top of the Pops 2, UK

Sept. 28 - Gloria Hunniford Show (taped Sept. 26th) on Channel 5. David sang "Could It Be Forever" and "Ain't No Sunshine".

Oct. 6 - Hear'Say it's Saturday - UK

Oct. 10 - Top of the Pops 2 - UK (Sang "Ain't No Sunshine")

Nov. 4 - Sunday with Adam Boulton. Sky News UK

Nov. 9 - Lunchtime Live. 1.10 pm. UK

Nov. 16 - GMTV (Morning TV in Britain)- Presented with a Gold disc for "Then & Now" CD. Sang "Could it be forever" & "Ain't No Sunshine."

Nov. 30th - The Other Half - Guest Host filling in for Dick Clark. In this show David and the other 3 hosts learn how to dance.

Dec. 3rd - The Other Half - Guest Host filling in for Dick Clark.

Dec. 26 - Top Ten TV Families - UK - Channel 4

Dec. - Mervyn's Department Store Commercial - West Coast USA. (Sings "Do You Believe In Magic")

Intimate Portrait: Shirley Jones. David makes an appearance.

Date? - Showtime Las Vegas


Bubblegum Babylon

Jan 2 - Top Of The Pops 2" - UK - Featuring stars of the 70's

Feb. 19 - Entertainment Tonight - Danny & David at "The Grove" in Anehiem CA on Feb. 14th (Valentine's Day) Concert.

April 10 - Star Lives - Britain. Simular to "This is your Life."

April 15 - Open House with Gloria Hunniford - UK - Sang "No Bridge"

April 19 - Lunchtime Live - Granada TV - UK

May 3 - Good Day Atlanta

May 6 - Good Morning America - DC & JD Fan Club members in a replica of the PF Bus.

May 6 - Good Morning AM, Los Angeles, CA

May 7 - Fox and Friends - Fox news Cable TV

May 8 - Good Day New York

May 14 - KTLA

May 15 - Good Day Live

May 15 - TechTV's "The Screen Savers". David was interviewed. The main purpose was to talk about Then and Now CD.

May 17 - Entertainment Tonight - Filmed at Costco signing "Then & Now" CD's at Costco in NY

May 28 - David Cassidy's Las Vegas

July - The Rerun Show - NBC TV summer show - DC not actually on the show. They spoof old shows and they did one episode on The Partridge Family.

Sept. 3 - Caroline Rhea - US -1st episode of this US Talk Show.

Sept. 15 - The Fat - Australia - Sports Show.

Sept. 16 - The 7.30 Report. Australia.

Sept. 17 - Today Show - Australia - Morning talk show.

Sept. 17 - Ten Eyewitness News - Australia. Read the Review

Sept. 17 - Australian Press Conference - Sydney. This was to promote David's upcoming Tour of Australia in November 2002. See pictures.

Sept. 17 - Rove Live. Read the review

Sept. 19 - The Footy Show - Melbourne. Read the Review

Sept. 20 - Good Morning Australia

Sept. 24 - VH1 - "100 Sexiest Artists" - David was one of them.

Sept. 27 - Fox Morning News

Sept. 27 - Good Day Live

Oct. 28 - KTLA Morning News (Los Angeles) 8:45am

Oct. 28 - KCAL-TV News (Los Angeles) 4:00pm taped

Oct. 29 - Tom Arnold's best Damn Sports Show, Period - Fox Cable Sports Channel

Oct. 31 - KNSD News at 10:10 AM - Local NBC San Diego News to promote concert in El Cajon following day.

Oct. 31 - XETV - TV (San Diego) 8:45 - 8:50am with host Mark Baily

Nov. 9th - Channel 7 news - Brisbane, Australia

Nov. 10th - Channel 7 News - Brisbane, Australia


March 12 - TV Land Award. David won "Hippist Fashion Plate, Male." David & Shirley Jones sang "C'mon Get Happy" together for the 1st time ever.

April 14 to April 18 - Hollywood Squares. Game Show which has Celebrities in boxes to answer questions for two contestants. It's like Tic-Tac-Toe with celebrities.

June 27 - VH1 50 Greatest Teen Idols. David was named as #2.

Aug. 18 - VH1 "I Love the 70's" Series - David appears briefly in 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977 and 1979.

Sept. 26 - Dateline on NBC

Oct. 15 - Good Day Live, FOX - Guest Promoting "Malcolm in the Middle"

Oct. 15 - The Wayne Brady Show, ABC - Promoting "Malcolm in the Middle"

Oct. 21 The World Series - Sang "God Bless America" during the 7th Inning. Pictures and video

Oct. 24 - Good Day Live as Co-Host

Oct. 25 - Breeders Cup Championship, NBC

Oct. 31 - The O'Reilly Factor - Fox News

Oct. 31 - E!

Oct. 31 - Access Hollywood

Oct. 31 - Inside Edition

Nov. 4 - Des and Mel - UK

Nov. 4 - GABCMTV - UK

Nov. 5 - Liquid News.

Dec. 2 - Biography, The Partridge Family.

Dec. 13 - Winterfest Boat Parade

The Graham Norton Show - Channel 4 UK

David at the 6th Family Television Awards 2004.


January - Sessions At AOL. Part 1, Part 2

April 2 - David provided the voice for the character Roland in the 'Oh Boyz' episode of Kim Possible which first aired on this date. Season 2, episode 45.

May 10 - Today show.

June 17 - On Air With Ryan Seaquest. David sang I Think I Love You

July 28 - David Cassidy Biography.

August 23 - On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Nov. 16 - The Paul O'Grady Show

Dec. 1 - The Family Television Awards. Aired Dec. 9

Good Day Live tv show interview with David

Wayne Brady tv show interview with David

O'Reily Factor tv show interview with David

Dateline Interview.


June 1 - TV Land's Top Ten. Small Screen, Big Stars.

July 30 - The Scream! Heard 'Round The World. A behind-the-scenes look at the love affair between teen idols and their fans.

October 7 - Phoenix Fox Morning Program 8am.

November 24 - The Insider. David talked about The Rat Pack Is Back and how much he loved doing it and that he hopes he can do it forever. David also spoke about Jack, how he died (alone, drunk, smoking) and that he was bi-polar. David also talked about his own low point (broke and out of work) and how he rebuilt everything with baby steps.

December 2 - Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Tv show. David sang "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" as part of a skit. They then advertised "The Rat Pack Is Back".


February 10 - VH1's 100 Greatest Teen Stars. David was ranked #6. Results were: 1. Molly Ringwald / Sixteen Candles, 2. Rob Lowe, 3. Britney Spears, 4. Anthony Michael Hall / Sixteen Candles, 5. Shannen Doherty / Beverly Hills , 90210, 6. David Cassidy / Partridge Family, 7. Winona Ryder / Heathers, 8. Corey Haim, 9. River Phoenix , 10. Matt Dillon

March 5 - Where Are They Now. A Channel 7 production in Australia. Three lucky fans get the surprise of their lives. David sings "I Think I Love You" as a ballad. This was recorded in front of a live audience in Sydney on February 23rd, 2006.

May 10 - TV Land Top 10 TV Moms looks at the most popular moms from sitcoms over the last fifty years. This installment featured a number of interviews including one of David Cassidy.

August 1 - David sang the national anthem with his son Beau at the start of the Chicago Cubs/Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.

November 16 - Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. 6.30pm, BBC Two (UK) (Season 3, Episode 28)

November 17 - BBC's Children in Need appeal. David Cassidy performed I Think I Love You. He then collected donations in a bucket, giving an audience member a kiss in return for a donation.

November 17 - Loose Women. UK TV show with females discussing events. (Season 12, Episode 45)

December 28 - Ready Steady Cook. David participated in a team to prepare a menu given set ingredients. UK TV.


March 1 - CNN Showbiz Tonight. live from Miami studio, tanned and wearing a crisp write shirt and sport coat. David promoted his autobiography and newly released CD.

March 7 - Fox News US TV. David promoted his new CD available at Target and also his new Autobiography.

March 8 - 'This morning' UK TV. David was in the UK to promote his new Autobiography.

March 9 - 'The Wright Stuff'. UK TV. David discussed current issues and promoted his autobiography.

March 9 - UK TV news.

March 19 - 'Insider'. US TV. David promoted his book, Could It Be Forever?, the CD by the same name and the new CD, Remix II

March - The Water Cooler. TV Guide Channel, US. Danny Bonaduce was a guest host. David was there to discuss his new autobiography, Could It Be Forever? My Story and his new CD, Remix II. Danny's co-host interviewed David, mainly about his time with The Partridge Family.

April 9 - 'Jackie' Special on BBC2 UK. David is featured and some fans also took part in this special.

May 17 - Fox News US TV. Shirley Jones was in LA and interviewed via satalite about Mother's Day on the following weekend. David joined the show via telephone from Florida. David talked about Shirley being a great role model and also about their relationship. Watch it here.

May 18 - 'Sunrise'. Australian Morning TV show. David talked about his newly released autobiography 'Could It Be Forever? My Story'.

June 8 - NBC10! US TV in Philadelphia. David talked about his new autobiography and his concert on the following weekend.

July 20 - David appeared on the Home Shopping Network at 8pm as part of their 30th anniversary celebration.

August 1 - TV LAND Confidential. Season 2, Episode 5. Title: Locations. What happens when your favorite TV shows leave the safety of the studio and go out on location? David, Shirley and Danny were guests.

September 2 - Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, Las Vegas. David sang Cry. See screen shots and read a fan's review.

September 18 - Whatever Happened To... TV show filmed in New Zealand on August 28th.

October 5 - The O'Reilly Factor (Fox news). David and Donny Osmond were both "TV Icons of the Week". They both talked about being Teen Idols and growing up on TV. David taped his segment from Las Vegas.

December 27 - 9th Family Television Awards. David Cassidy presented the awards for Best Actor in a Movie Musical and Best Actor in a Drama.


January 16 - Pop On Trial. BBC4 UK TV. Clips of David Cassidy in the 1970's were shown.

February 12 - Oprah Winfrey Show. Recorded in Chicago in February 6th and aired in the US on February 12th. Aired in Australia on March 31st.

November 10 - This Morning. ITV 1 (UK) from 10:30am to 12:30pm David joins chef Angela Hartnett in the kitchen as he prepares to embark on a UK tour

November 11 - BBC Breakfast show. Interview about the upcoming concerts.

November 12 - wightFM Interview on Isle Of Wight

November 12 - Richard & Judy. Interview on the Watch (Sky Channel 109, Virgin TV 124)

November 13 - The Five Thirty Show. STV Local News (UK) 5.30pm

November 24 - The Early Show CBS. segment called "Family Face Off". CBS is looking for the next Jackson 5 and Partridge Family and David is one of the judges

November 28 - Whatever happened to... DejaView Channel

December 7 - 70's Fever. David narrates this show by Lou Rede productions for the History Channel.


February 24 - The Early Show. Meet the judges for the Singing Family Face Off. CBS

February 25 - The Early Show. CBS Singing Family Face Off. David was one of the guest judges.

March 4 - The Early Show. CBS Singing Family Face Off. David was one of the guest judges

March 11 - The Early Show. CBS Singing Family Face Off. David was one of the guest judges

March 18 - The Early Show. CBS Singing Family Face Off. David was one of the guest judges

March 22 - The Early Show. CBS Singing Family Face Off. David was one of the guest judges

March 23 - KHAS TV. Sports News segment about a jockey. The jockey had ridden Sweet Vendetta, bred and part owned by David which won the $200,000 Black-Eyed Susan Stakes in 2008.

April 1 - The Early Show. CBS Singing Family Face Off. Winners announced. David was one of the guest judges

Footage of David with Sweet Vendetta was shown.

July 20 - Good Morning America. David, Shaun and Patrick were interviewed about their new TV show Ruby & The Rockits.

July 21 - Entertainment Tonight. Advertising the premier of Ruby & The Rockits

July 23 - Jimmy Kimmel. David & Shaun promoted Ruby & The Rockits

July 23 - Good Day LA, Fox 9:30am

July 27 - Good Things Utah. David and Alexa Vega were interviewed about the second episode of Ruby & The Rockits

July 27 - What's The Buzz. ABC News Now ( a 24 hour news channel offered via digital television, broadband and streaming video at ABCNews.com)

August 13 - Regis and Kelly

September 3 - Channel News 9. David was interviewed whilst at Saratoga Race Course. Read the transcript.

Whatever Happened To Shirley Jones. David appeared briefly.


February 5 - Good Day (Texas). FOX TV. Early morning talk show. David promoted the concert on Saturday 6th February

February 5 - GMT Good Morning Texas. Morning talk show. David promoted the concert.

March 2 - TODAY. Morning talk show on NBC. The show reunited some of TV's favorite families. Today was The Partridge Family.

March 6 - Unscripted. A Canadian TV show. Guests talk about themselves without an interviewer.

July 9 - FOX5 TV. David appeared to promote his concert at the Silverton Casino on July 10th. David later spun a gaming wheel. The money was then donated to charity.

July 28 - Good Day LA. Fox Network. 9am.

July 29 - Today Show. Ch 9 Australia. David and Shirley appeared together. They discussed their time on the PF. David also said that he would love to come back to Australia.

August 13 - US Television report of David performing and attending Seminole Casino, Coconut Creek, FL. This was to celebrate the first hand of Black Jack.

November 13 - Today Show. David and Danny. Recorded October 16th.


January 13 - Celebrity Apprentice promo.

January 16 - Fox & Friends. Taped January 9th.

January 21 - Morning XTRA, FOX 19. David was interviewed about his concert later that night and other things.

February 10 - Today Show USA. David surprised Alison Pearson who was there to talk about her book.

February 11 - The Morning Blend. KMTV. David interviewed prior to his three concerts with the Omaha Symphony.

March 3 - CNY Central News. Video of David at Turning Stone Casino.

March 6 - Celebrity Apprentice. David appeared in Episode 1. Photos from shoot on Oct 19, 2010., Videos from the shoot on Oct 19, 2010

March 23 - Man op de Maan. Footage of David arriving at Amsterdam's airport in 1973.

April 11 - The One Show. BBC TV

April 12 - The Alan Titchmarsh Show. ITV1 Anglia UK. (Recorded April 11)

May 6 - Fox5 News.

May 20 - Urban Rush, Shaw TV Vancouver, with hosts Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.

May 20 - Global BC TV. Canadian interview. David surprised Mark Madryga.

July 9 - Baseball. David threw out a ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game between the Florida Marlins and the Houston Astros

August 7 - CNN Hollywood Hustle.

September 28 - TV advert for The New England Boomers & Seniors EXPO


March 1 - ET (Entertainment Tonight).

May 2 - BBC Breakfast (BBC1)

May 3 - Loose Women (ITV1)

May 4 - Live with Fern (Channel 5)

May 18 - Starting Point, morning news show on CNN. David discussed the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s Educational Conference in New York and why he will be presenting at this conference.

May 18 - Good Day New York: WNYW-TV (FOX)

May 18 - FOX News Channel: "Fox News Edge"

June 28 - The Morning Blend

July 19 - Good Day NY. Fox Network. David sang "In My Life" and promoted his concert at BB Kings that same evening.

August 24 - Good Morning San Diego KUSI.

August 24 - FOX5 Morning News KSWB San Diego

October 1 - Katie. David surprises the host Katie Couric in her own home.

October 9 - Channel 5 News, Nashville. Report of the IEBA conference in Nashville. David performed in the afternoon and was also a presenter at the Awards Ceremony in the evening.

October 23 - NBC 6 In The Mix. David was interviewed about his Lifetime Achievement Award.


March 21 - NBC Today Show. David showcased some concert outfits from the 70's that are being auctioned in May to raise money for the American Alzheimer's Association.


March 27 - Celebrity Home Raiders. This show was taped early in 2013 prior to the Auction of David's items on May 18, 2013. David auctions off items to support the Alzheimer's Association

November 15 - Eye On South Florida. Channel 16. Report on the Winterfest White Party which was the launch of the 2014 Winterfest Boat Parade to be held on Dec 13th.

December 13 - Winterfest Boat Parade. A live coverage of the boat parade was broadcast. David was on a Partridge Family themed boat.


March 20 - Good Day LA. Fox 11 Los Angeles. After the interview David sang Night & Day.

March 25 - WGN Morning News, channel 9, Chicago. David was interviewed, briefly sang 'C'mon Get Happy' and then he sang 'Night & Day'.


June 24 - Good Day New York. David promoted his two concerts on June 25th.

November 11 - Harry Connick Jr Show. David was a surprise guest on the 70's themed show.

December 12 - Home and Family.

December 13 - Extra.

December 14 - Hollywood Today Live.

December 15 - Doctors. David taped the show on Dec. 15th

December 15 - KTLA Morning News in LA at 9:10AM


January 12 - Doctors. David taped the show on Dec 15, 2016. David discussed his eye surgery, addiction and his new Christmas songs. Watch the interview

Unknown Dates:

London Tonight at Six (98? Rehearsing )

David Cassidy Downunder Fansite