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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Adelaide

November 18th 2002.
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Australia

By : Suzy

I must admit that when I first saw David promoting the upcoming tour on 'Rove Live', 'The Footy Show', '7.30 Report', 'Today Show' etc... I was a bit sceptical that the old magic could be recaptured. But the promo worked. David charmed me (must be those acting talents) and pretty soon I started to remember a certain TV show and the old songs we all know, love and remember him for. Besides, it had been 28 years since we'd seen Cassidy mania. Like many, I'm sure, I was too young to go see him the first time around - about nine. Then I bought the 'Then & Now' CD and before I knew it, guess who was running around behaving like an excited juvenile once again? The only difference being that now I could make my own decision to go see him. After convincing my friend to join me on this nostalgia trip, there we were...

I arrived at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre at about 7.00pm and immediately went berserk on the merch. I was already clutching a 'David Cassidy Rocked My World' t-shirt and I was grabbing a programme as my friend arrived. We went for a drink and before long it was time to join the queue. Just as David had said on TV, the age range was very broad. Everyone from nine to ninety nine seemed to be there.

There was a buzz of excitement in the air in anticipation of seeing David, as the opening act - a one woman singing show came on. She did an excellent job of 'warming us up for David' as she said. Women ran up to the front of the stage to do the Madison when 'Tina Turner' sang 'Nutbush'. But that wasn't the only teaser. The band members were launching into a medley of the songs they'd be playing later. Someone yelled out "Come on!" Finally, through the haze there he was! David wore a black shirt flecked with red metallic thread, black pants and shoes and played a red guitar.

In a word, I would summarise the Adelaide concert as intimate. And David was excellent, given the circumstances. A lot of weird stuff was happening. It was all over way too soon!

First David had mic trouble. The roadie came on and swapped mic stands but he made it too high. David joked that he isn't that tall. The first number was one of my favourites -'I Can Feel Your Heartbeat'. Immediately women rushed to the front of the stage. Right from the start, David, with sense of humour intact, had to keep telling them to stand back and not to squash the children and to stop pulling when he touched their hands. As well as that, he didn't want people grabbing his shoes - he said he was an old man and he might fall.

All through the show, the roadie had to keep making constant adjustments to David's guitar etc. David was frustrated with the equipment when it kept cutting out. Ordering it to function, he made light of it all. As he later explained, the truck had not arrived and they'd had to improvise on other equipment On top of this, David revealed that he had just had a 24 hour flu, so we were relieved to be able to see him at all! Ironically, I'd been sick the day before as well. When he asked us to make him an honorary Adelaidean, I can assure you there were no objections!

One very lucky little girl got to sit on the stage with David and the song stopped. When he asked her how old she was she said "What?". David put on an Aussie accent and said "Sorry, mate.." The little girl revealed she was ten. David remarked that she'd probably like to meet his 11 year old son who was waiting in Perth. David wondered if she even knew who he was, but the parent assured him she did because they have the CD.

All through the show I felt compelled to run to the front and get closer to David, so I did! I couldn't believe how close to him I was. Initially I couldn't equate this guy as being the guy from the 70s but of course I knew he was and yes - it was worth it! I had a blast singing along to 'I Woke Up In Love This Morning' and saw fans handing bunches of roses to David.

Incidentally, David thanked us for increasing his wife's wardrobe of knickers.

The main songs performed as I remember them and not in order, were (forgive me if I've missed any -I know I have):
I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
Point Me in the Direction of Alberquerque
The Last Kiss
I Think I Love You
Could It Be Forever
How Can I Be Sure
Rock Me Baby
I'll Meet You Halfway
Ain't No Sunshine

At the end of the show, the audience went mad, screaming "David! David! David!" and kept making noise until he reappeared for the finale. No one wanted him to leave and we wanted it to go on forever. By the end of the show, everyone was dancing and David had done his job. Like a true entertainer, he left us wanting more. Thanks David - you're a trouper and a real professional.


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