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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Melbourne

November 11th 2002.
Vodafone Arena, Melbourne, Australia

By : Amanda Saunders

Wow what a performer..........better than what I was expecting.

Ran straight to the front of the stage as soon as the lights went out, dragging my daughter Brigitta with me... I warned her that's what we've got to do, she was front of the stage and I was her barrier from all the pushing women.

After a few crowd songs, he started coming down to "touch" us ! Started singing Cherish........when he caught sight of Brigitta, his eyes lit up, he sang to her and held her hand and said to her, 'Are you with your mummy?' She said yes and he looked me in the eyes and caressed my cheek..................ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. You can imagine how I felt !!! he really enjoys all memorabillias so if you've got any take them.

Later in the evening he came over to Brigitta again and held her hand and she gave him some Smarties we wrapped up in ribbon, he thanked her and smiled........ she'll appreciate it one day...... she was soo tired standing listening to someone she doesn't really know and like! but she did well.



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