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The 2002 Australian Concert Tour

David Cassidy Live in Melbourne

November 11th 2002.
Vodafone Arena, Melbourne, Australia

By : Jane

WOW! What a concert in Melbourne. I have only just got home at 1.15am and don't even feel tired.

I'd better start at the beginning. My wonderful husband drove us down after work. After grabbing a quick bite to eat we wandered around the foyer and I just had to go and talk to two ladies in wonderful shirts. Denise and Jade. Did anyone get a photo of those shirts?

Inside finally and found our seats. Row O. (Yes, I was a little slow buying the tickets). As the twins started their show I and another lady moved a row in front into empty seats. Continued moving until we were 6 rows from the front and on the isle.

When the twins had finished I moved around and talked to many other fans. ( I had left my husband back in Row O) The security wouldn't let us up next to the stage until the show was about to start. Got middle front position just under the microphone and very close to you know who. With Denise's help I had left two banners that I had made lying on the stage just on the edge of the stage in the hope that David would see them.

The feeling was electric as the show started. David encouraged us all to sing along and enjoy. He is a real showman, obviously enjoys performing and he is sooooo good! He talked to the crowd on many occasions. Grabbing memorabilia and laughing at himself. At one stage his guitar was not plugged in, it didn't phase him and he spent extra time talking to us. He still had not noticed the banners at this stage. He even joked about all of the husbands and boyfriends out there. "You bought tickets to what honey?" "Oh, shit!" (My husband thoroughly enjoyed the show.)

I had to lift one banner up for him to notice: Thanks for the memories. He said thank you. I lifted up the next banner Thanks for the music and he took it to show the rest of the audience but said "thanks for the memories". He was soon corrected. He took the 'Thanks for the memories' banner and pretended to be confused "thanks for the mories" (Part of it had folded on itself) "Thanks for the memories" he read out after all around me had yelled it out. He quipped about being old with Alzheimers. He carefully folded the banners and returned them to me saying that he wanted me to have them and clasped my hands in both of his.

It wasn't the only time we communicated. I had taken the David Cassidy Book with the naked and almost revealing photos. I am sure you know the book. Twice he took the pages to show the audience. Whilst performing, he often moved about touching hands. Yes, I got a few more touches!

After the concert I grabbed the song list, well half of it! The list was in two parts, each taped to speakers just either side of his microphone. I got the second part so I am able to tell you song 12 was 'Kiss' followed by: Rock Me, Cherish, I woke up in love, Cast/band introductions, band solos/Gimme Shelter, Could it be for ever, I think I love you, DC Bow music (This is where David thanked the audience and bowed and left the stage) After a long, long break with lots of 'we want David' chants he reappeared to sing song 20: Encore - How can I be sure then Hollywood Nights.

Denise grabbed his bottle of water and we left feeling great. By the way, he promised to be back soon.

David, thank you for the memories. You gave a fantastic performance! As an added bonus I have now made some wonderful new friends.


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